Prosecution Finally Considered For Cyber-Bullying in Megan Meier Case: To Protect Lori Drew, the Alleged MySpace Hoaxster

It appears that there may finally be prosecution for cyber-bullying in the infamous Megan Meier case, but not to protect the Meier family, but the woman accused of triggering her suicide: Lori Drew.

Recently, an “I am Lori Drew” blog entry was posted that purportedly included the first direct statements of Lori Drew. Her attorney insists that his client, a MySpace Hoaxster, was herself the source of the hoax. Police are exploring possible prosecution for the attacks on Drew, which have been excessive and abusive. While there is ample reason for anger, these individuals appear to be using the very same abusive means to mete out their own brand of justice. It shows how the absence of legal recourse can trigger vigilantism.

As noted in prior entries, the Meier family has legal recourse in tort, but have not taken such action.

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4 thoughts on “Prosecution Finally Considered For Cyber-Bullying in Megan Meier Case: To Protect Lori Drew, the Alleged MySpace Hoaxster”

  1. “It shows how the absence of legal recourse can trigger vigilantism.”

    The ironies in this ongoing story are rich. The very tools that the trio of mother-daughter-employee used to psychologically attack Megan Meier are the very same ones now being employed by those seeking some form of justice.

    Lori Drew’s fake persona has been turned against her with the (alleged) fake blog and multiple comments attributed to her by those posing as her.

    The venom injected into the mind of a fragile teenager is now being thrust on the Drew family a thousand-fold.

    ‘What’s good for the goose is good for the gander’.

    What is missing is the manipulative aspect. The trio’s ability to manipulate a segment of Megan Meier’s peers (other young teenagers, children…) has been met with a demand for truth and repentance that has yet to surface from these liars.

    A year after Megan Meier’s suicide, the self-imposed system of man has been replaced with a society’s outrage.

    The system is working…

  2. I have been posting REGULARLY on the Meagan Meier site run by the town’s teens.

    They are totally, and I mean totally, abandoned by the town and THE LAW in their city.

    I have repeatedly, and I mean repeatedly told them to pursue the prosecutors in their area, consult legal aid as to possible charges that can be laid.

    This is a time of grief in that community, somone died. Does it take a mall takedown to get anyone to pay attention to the grief of these kids? To act as legal guardians for them and help assist them in getting justice.

    What your article fails to point out is that Nancy Drews’ DAUGHTER went and started the most outrageous blog, stating the Megan Meier deserved what was coming to her! No one in the social work community demanded that an investigation into the Drew’s parenting be done. This is in addition to the oversight of the FBI, the local police, prosecutors ..

    Mrs. Drew is without a doubt a psychopath, which is rather hard to identify on a DSM or any known psychological scale and herein lies the rub. Commitment procedings could have begun but the real understanding of psychopathology is now only being recognized in “the literature” the world over. It was noticed, but only spoken of in metaphorical terms OR used in conjunction with addiction pathology. But it is real, and the women who “suffer” from it usually get off scott-free in legal terms. But that does not imply that criminal proceedings of them should not take place as we are seeing here.

    Like any grief process, that community goes from denial to shock to ANGER bordering on rage to sadness to bargaining and from one to another to another, there has been no acceptance as the process cannot go on without LEGAL PROCEDINGS against the Drews.

    Here is the url to the thread on which I have been working for some time. I have also posted on some other local blogs, as I saw the links come up ..

    These kidz tracked down tons of information; the local business community is angry at the kidz, that’s what this is all about.

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