Video: Child Rapist Destroys Courtroom After Sentencing

As a general rule, it is good form not to destroy the courtroom during sentencing for a crime — a helpful hint for any future appearance of Antonio Rosales.

Of course, he did not have a lot to lose. Rosales , 41, was found guilty of child rape, kidnapping and attempted first-degree murder. The first charge carries a mandatory life prison sentence. Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson imposed three life terms.

He is expected to be now extradited to Arizona, where he is accused of raping and strangling his 74-year-old landlady in 2001. Given the three life terms, prosecutors could forego a new trial in Arizona, but victims are likely to understandably demand a trial. In such case, the Arizona judge is likely to impose added restrictions given the violence in Florida, possible requiring appearance of televised monitor or the use of a stun belt under his clothing.

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