Bravo: Biden Calls for Special Counsel

In the immediate aftermath, one of the most curious responses of the Democrats has been the almost uniform call for an investigation of the destruction of the CIA tapes by the Bush Administration itself.  Now, at least Sen. Joe Biden is calling for a special counsel.  

The idea of the Bush Administration investigating itself in this matter is ridiculous.  The Justice Department has a long history of slow-walking investigations and narrowly defining crimes to avoid any indictments of government officials. More importantly, what we know of this controversy shows two things that should support the appointment of a special counsel: First, there are clear and compelling allegations of criminal acts.  This is not some speculation of crimes.  Both Congress and the courts were seeking this information. Moreover, the underlying acts of torture were crimes.  Finally, these individuals had a right to these tapes to show their own abuse in their own trials. 

Second, the possible criminal conspiracy crosses agency lines and could possibly involve the Justice Department itself. It clearly now includes the White House (through Harriet Miers) and of course the CIA.The preference for a Justice Department investigation would confirm for many that the fix is in, again, in Washington. These are incredibly disturbing allegations that rival Watergate in their scope and seriousness. Strangely, few seem (like Biden) to be demanding a truly independent investigation.

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6 thoughts on “Bravo: Biden Calls for Special Counsel”

  1. Beth,

    I know what you mean. I asked the rhetorical question a few days ago about what would it take for them to take action. Its hard to imagine.

    Huey Long had a famous statement about this, but its somewhat risque so I won’t repeat it….

  2. All I can say about this latest revelation is “who cares?” The Bush Administration has been engaging in this kind of activity since the day he first took office. After the Dems take control of congress, they have repeatedly bailed Bush out of his misdeeds with absolutely no indication that they are going to pursue justice and hold the administration accountable. At this point, I don’t think there is ANYTHING this criminal administration can do that would prompt the Democrats to act.

  3. I want to go off-topic and add a kudo for another Senator, Sheldon Whitehouse for his masterful speech Friday: a skillful exegesis of the Office of Legal Council’s formally classified opinions concerning the Executive’s power to define its own Article II powers, disregard its own Executive Orders, and reverse the normal order of things: telling the Department of Justice what the law is, rather than the converse.

  4. Its good that at least one Senator stood up and reminded his colleagues of the options and indeed necessities of this situation.

  5. You notice however the complete silence from his colleagues, thus far. It is the sound of one hand clapping.

  6. Bravissimo!

    We should investigate it (t)here, so they don’t have to investigate it there.

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