Pa. Woman Who Killed Her Two Children Found Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity

Meghan Lippiatt has been found not guilty by reason of insanity in a Lancaster court.  Lippiatt admitted suffocating her infant son and drowning her 2-year-old son in 2004. 

The killing two-year-old Silas and his four-month-old brother Miles occurred weeks after a break-up with  her husband.

Lippiatt called 911 and told the operator: “I did something really bad, I just killed my kids.”  She later tried to kill herself and left a note which read: “I am sorry, I didn’t want to hurt anyone. I am sorry, goodbye, please help me from the grave.”

There is growing interest in allowing greater use of the insanity defense after it was heavily curtailed after the shooting of President Ronald Reagan.

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One thought on “Pa. Woman Who Killed Her Two Children Found Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity”

  1. Dear Mr. Turley,

    First of all I always look for your opinion when issues are looking for expert constitutional scholars. I have been an avid learner of your opinion for many, many years.

    Regarding this case, I don’t know if you are aware, but there was a problem and fiasco after the trial and wondered what your opinion was. She was freed immediately after her bench trial upon a habeas corpus filed by her defense counsel. See the following news account:

    Here is a brief synopsis; In the VERDICT ORDER there did not seam to be any condition for Ms. Liappatt to be held in custody until a further psychiatric evaluation could be performed. This set in motion a number of court filings by the District Attorney, the Defense Counsel, and others trying to recommit her to a treatment facility.

    The following was my email to someone regarding my suspicion, I have later found that temporary insanity, if in his verdict would free her immediately after trial:

    December 18, 2007
    To Ron Harper

    “Are you following this case at all? This is truly a first class Lancaster County smoke and mirrors game.

    This is my analysis. And for the record, I did attend the trial and sat to hear Gottlieb, the psychiatrist testify and be cross examined. I have also studied mental health issues for Project Hope, for my own case, and for my family’s different cases, especially my father and brothers Sam and Tom; for over 20 years. So I am not uneducated with the issues.

    Being that this is the first such verdict of not guilty by reason of insanity in Lancaster County, as reported, I think this whole case was purposely mismanaged so that the next time such a verdict is before a Lancaster County jury, they can say “see, if you find the defendant not guilty by insanity, that person may be released and freed without any treatment or conditions.”

    I think Judge Cullen should have to explain why he did not issue a condition in his verdict to have Ms. Lippiatt held in Lancaster County Prison or transferred to a mental health facility until the outcome of a psychiatric evaluation. I don’t understand why he did not do this, unless the law prevented him from doing that.

    I will have to research this.”

    I would love to hear your opinion, if you find the time. Hope to meet you in the future.

    Stan J. Caterbone
    Advanced Media Group

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