Senate GOP Blocks Effort to Outlaw Torture

For those who believe that the nation is finally coming to grips with the infamous program of torture implemented by President Bush, think again.  The Republican senators are not only refusing to confront the White House, they actually blocked legislation to bar torture. 

Using a procedural tactic, Sen. Lindsay Graham blocked the legislation.  The move raises again questions of the Democratic strategy.  There is no need to bar torture: it is already a crime.  However, the Democrats again want to deal with torture as an issue of future conduct rather than address the criminal acts ordered by the President.  Thus, they are focusing on the obstruction of justice in destroying evidence sought by courts while prospectively (and redundantly) banning torture in the future.  Now we will have neither. 

In the meantime, the Attorney General (who was allowed to escape answering the central question on waterboarding) will now be in charge of an investigation involving the President and various high-ranking officials — on the issue of waterboarding.  It appears that our system is so dysfunctional that it cannot even denounce torture or recognize an obvious conflict.
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2 thoughts on “Senate GOP Blocks Effort to Outlaw Torture”

  1. But the ship holds a very dark secret..

    That the Captain allowed torturing as a practice.

    And that some people, never tried, never judged guilty, never subject to any judicial process….. were tortured. By Americans, or by other nationalities to whom we rendered the captives.

    And its very likely that some were tortured to death.

    But we dare not speak of this.

  2. “…It appears that our system is so dysfunctional that it cannot even denounce torture or recognize an obvious conflict.”

    The Ship of State is not at fault, its the current crew and captain. The Democrats are like a small clique of deckhands, the Captain is of course GW, aided by the overbearing First Lieutenant Cheney, and Bosun Mukasey.

    While captained by the beloved Clinton, the ship had splendid white sails, taut rigging, a sound and scraped hull, and full provisions. It sailed on sparkling seas in fair winds.

    Nowadays, under Captain Bush, what a sad decline!

    The sails are ripped and in tatters, the rigging is sheared and laying in festoons, the hull is holed and leaking, the stores are exhausted, and the rudder broken. Currently the ship is drifting erratically under lowering skies and amid threatening rocks.

    But the Captain is firmly in control so we need fear nothing!

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