Riverdance Star Michael Flatley Wins $11 Million Against Woman Who Falsely Accused Him of Sexual Assault

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael L. Stern has awarded dancer Michael Flatley (of Rvierdance fame) more than $11 million in his lawsuit against Tyna Marie Robertson, a real estate agent who accused him of rape. Flatley showed that the sex was consensual in the case. In the meantime, Robertson’s former lawyer, D. Dean Mauro has been found to have extorted Flatley and also made a substantial settlement over the case.

This long litigation began when Robertson had alleged Flatley raped her in a Las Vegas hotel in 2002 and reportedly threatened to sue unless he agreed to pay a “seven figures” settlement.

The police found no basis for criminal charges and Robertson filed a civil action for $33 million in Illinois that was dismissed. After that dismissal, her lawyer, Mauro, was found in July 2006 to have committed extortion by the California Supreme Court. He later settled with Flatley for a “substantial” amount. This followed evidence the Mauro had spent months calling Flatley’s lawyers and threatening to “go public” with the rape allegations and “ruin” Flatley. He demanded $1 million for his client’s silence according to news reports. For a copy of the ruling against Mauro, click here

This is not Robertson first venture into litigation. She is in court with her ex-boyfriend (Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher) over their young son, Kennedy. During the litigation, her credibility was attacked. It was reported that she had filed a fondling claim against a Naperville doctor in 2001. It was also pointed out that called Las Vegas Police from Illinois 25 days after the alleged rape and Flatley’s personal secretary testified said he saw Robertson kiss Flatley on the morning of the alleged attack. Click here

Flatley has promised to give the proceeds from the case to charity. It is a rare example of a celebrity pursuing such litigation — a worthy effort to deter other such lawsuits. Most celebrities do not want to continue the publicity. Flatley had the courage to stand by his innocence that bring both his accuser and her lawyer to account.

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