Mr. Bumble’s Revenge: Judge Sentences Woman to Contempt for Telling Her to Kiss a Certain Body Part

In Oliver Twist, Mr Bumble said “If the law supposes that . . . the law is a ass.” It perhaps a lesson now understood by Judith Law who received an extra 90 days to telling South Carolina Circuit Judge Diane Goodstein to “kiss her ass” on a probation revocation order.

Law had a suspended sentence from pleading guilty to grand larceny and burglary charges in 2003. She was sentenced to five years, suspended to time served plus three years’ probation and a $300 restitution payment. She violated probation and therefore faced the reinstatement of the five year sentence. It was then, perhaps in a view that she had nothing left to lose, that Law wrote her message to Goodstein. Of course, even when not in court, such little missives are still subject to contempt sanctions. I have found that courts respond poorly to such amorous anatomical suggestions. This would be a case in point.

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8 thoughts on “Mr. Bumble’s Revenge: Judge Sentences Woman to Contempt for Telling Her to Kiss a Certain Body Part”

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  2. She was lucky it wasn’t Judge Restaino, then it might well have been 90 extra years!

    And then there was the “few french fries short of a happy meal” comment aimed by counsel at Judge Isicoff in the SD of Florida. That too did not go over well.

  3. It was a better story with 90 years, but then again days will do. Thanks.

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