OK You Win: Two Police Officers Fired After Putting Guns to the Heads of Men Playing Foosball

Dallas Police Officers Randy Anderson, 25, and Paul Loughridge, 48, apparently view foosball as more of a contact support. The two officers have been fired after they put their guns to the heads to two men — including country music singer Steve Holy — during a late night game in Holy’s garage.

Anderson and Loughridge now face misdemeanor charges for their late night excursion.

Holy and his friend said they met the two officers at a bar, then went to Holy’s house to play foosball in his garage. According to police reports, Anderson began questioning the identity of Holy, whose songs include “Brand New Girlfriend.” Holy and his friend told police that Anderson and Loughridge pointed their guns at them and told them to get on the ground. Before the officers left, the report says, Anderson told Holy that he’d kill him if he said anything about the incident.

There was no shortage of booze. When Holy called 911, it took numerous times for the dispatcher to get useful information out of him. To hear the tape, click here

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