A Made Man Returns: Wolfowitz Gets Another Government Job

After pushing the country into the disastrous Iraq war and then being forced out as head of the World Bank in scandal, Paul Wolfowitz has been given yet another chance to serve his country in his signature fashion as the head a high-level advisory panel on arms control and disarmament. At the same time, another made man Steven G. Bradbury has also been renominated for his position despite (or because of) his endorsement of torture

Many, of course, would wonder why someone with Wolfowitz’s record could secure a position outside of a short-order kitchen. However, as noted in this prior column notes, the Bush Administration has always operated on the basis of “made-men” — officials willing to do what needs to be done to serve, even if it is a bit criminal or unethical.

Wolfowitz will now become chairman of the International Security Advisory Board, which reports to the secretary of state. The panel is charged with supplying independent advice on arms control, disarmament, nonproliferation and related subjects. He is currently back at the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative Washington think tank which played a big role in pushing the Iraq war.

In the meantime, the Bush Administration has renominated one of the men responsible for the official torture program, Steven G. Bradbury. Bradbury is the author of some of the infamous memos justifying torture and has run the department’s Office of Legal Counsel. Despite the current scandal over the CIA torture tapes and widespread Senate opposition, Bradbury is a made man after endorsing torture — a virtual betrayal of his legal training.

For the Bradbury story, click here

For the Wolfowitz story, click here.

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  3. It’s as though the entire administration regards the country as being preoccupied and perhaps they are right. Timing couldn’t be better. There are so many fans and so much equine excrement, its very difficult for the most involved citizen to object effectively. By the time one wraps one’s brain around the latest outrage … this whack-a-mole of an administration has you distracted in another direction.

    This is not happenstance. This is the result of expensive Madison Avenue magic marketing acts (or precisely executed lack thereof) blended with mobster style loyalty oaths that hasn’t yielded too many rats to date. This is the kind of precision that would evoke a Soprano-esque … fahgettabowdit.

    “So … Paulie the Wolf is out and Tony is so happy he gave him the East Side. Freak’n Paulie, always wid dat comb !! Freak’n Paulie ! Hey Good for him eh? Good for him. God Bless. That’s all I’m say’in God Bless.”

    “Oh is he still with the ragazza from the Bank?”

    “Oh … que brute !!”

    “Hey … easy Beppo, he’s a boss … that’s disrespectful. Anyways … I gotta go beat the crap out of that mook at the deli … he didn’t pay this week because of the fire. WTF ?? That’s like not paying your rent ’cause you went on vacation!”

    “Don’t forget, big dinner tonight for “Paulie the Wolf” at the club. Wear clean sweats!”

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