You’ve Got Mail — and a Subpoena — Emails and Text Messaging At the Center of Scandals in Michigan and Texas

Emails and text-messages have now brought down one of the most powerful prosecutors in the country and may soon lead to criminal charges against the Mayor of Detroit. Harris County District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal resigned this week after his emails were revealed in a police abuse case. In the meantime, Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has appealed the release of his text messages in a case involving police whistleblowers. He has asked the Michigan Supreme Court to protect what remains of his privacy and political future. It is death by blackberry and plenty are politicians across the country are watching and wincing at the scandals.

Kilpatrick’s latest legal move is unlikely to make much a difference beyond adding to the millions of public dollars that he has already spent to conceal the apparent affair with his former aide. He and the aide denied the affair under oath before the media disclosed explicit and damning messages sent between them. For the prior story, click here

Rosenthal blames medications for his own emailing problems, including disclosure of an apparent affair: “Although I have enjoyed excellent medical and pharmacological treatment, I have come to learn that the particular combination of drugs prescribed for me in the past has caused some impairment in my judgment. This position is much too important for anyone to be less than their best. I am currently in a different regimen of therapy from different health care professionals and am looking forward to concentrating on the restoration of my health.”

Rosenthal’s e-mails were disclosed as part of a lawsuit by two brother who claim that sheriff deputies beat them while they tried to photograph a drug raid at a neighbor’s home in 2002. Beyond the romantic messages with an assistant, the e-mails
contained racist messages, including a photograph of a black man lying on the ground with watermelon and a bucket of chicken surrounding him — with a caption reading “fatal overdose.”

In the Detroit case, local pols appear to be finally getting tired of spending money to protect the mayor from perjury charges and political scandal. The mayor recently staged a public apology in a church, click here. However, if the prosecutors do not indict him on this evidence, there would be a firestorm of controversy. It is hard to imagine a stronger perjury case or a less redeeming defendant. Kilpatrick told a jury that, if the allegation were true, his aide would be little more than a “whore.” He then waxed indignant over the very suggestion as an attack on all women. Assuming the trial is held outside of Detroit, where he remains weirdly still popular with some voters, it should make for an easy conviction.

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2 thoughts on “You’ve Got Mail — and a Subpoena — Emails and Text Messaging At the Center of Scandals in Michigan and Texas”

  1. the one loop hole or twist to this is if it’s an unauthorized illegal false witness sting

    let’s say the police vice squad needs to collar more perps

    they bait various people based on looking at myspace profiles

    they tell the courts that it was an underage situation, but they cornered unseen individuals with certain fotos then switched the fotos for the courts

    i agree defending an official for verified misconduct is not only expensive but a waste of resources

    but now there is now a large area available for concocted evidence that might come up for trial

    i realize this is a very small point considering the specific case

    but i did hear from police officials that DWI and Vice Squad arrests are deemed to skyrocket and to flood the courts as they were now in preparations, yet the police are being caught on video everywhere instigating aggresion and beating people to a pulp based on the need for higher quotas for their departments and their thin emotional fuses.

    they have made plans to corner their markets if you will

    just a heads up really

    you can fake text messages very easily, and now with national surveillance if AT&T corroborates false witness tactics with the police- by falsefying their records to corroborate with the police precincts (martial law scenario)- there is no precedent to verify or challenge the validity of the claims and now presently the supreme court won’t review surveillance cases brought to it’s desk.

    they can say the blackberry doesn’t lie, yet the fix is in.

    this politician squirmed about the affar- it won’t alwasys be the same situation

    fantastic forum

    deep gratitude

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