John Denver’s Country Roads Song Leads to Karaoke Massacre

For those who have long seen a connection between John Denver songs and the increasing homicide rate, a case in Thailand appears to offer concrete proof. The song was driving Weenus Chumkamnerd, 52, crazy as it was performed over and over again by his neighbors in karaoke parties. He finally snapped and killed all eight people.

For those interested in trying to find subliminal messaging, here are the lyrics.

Take Me Home Country Roads

Almost heaven
West Virginia
Blue ridge mountains
Shenandoah River
Life is old there
older than the trees
younger than the mountains
growin’ like a beeze

Country Roads
take me home
to the place I belong
West Virginia
Mountain mama
take me home
my country roads

All my mem’ries
gather round her
Miner’s lady
stranger to blue water
dark and dusty
painted on the skies
misty taste of moonshine
teardrop in my eyes


I hear her voice in the morning hours
she calls me
the radio reminds me of my home
far away
and drivin’ down the road I get a feeling
that I shoild have been home yesterday

Ref. ’til fade
Take Me Home Country Roads

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7 thoughts on “John Denver’s Country Roads Song Leads to Karaoke Massacre”

  1. What do you call Karaoke in Oklahoma?


    (No offense intended, just read it somewhere)

  2. I always thought being forced to listen to Steve Miller’s Greatest Hits (over & over & over again) would eventually drive someone into a homicidal rage.

    I made the mistake of lending it to my next door neighbor in college; and I’ve never listened to the album since!

  3. I can personally attest to the horrifying power of repetitive bouts with John Denver songs. During the recent Olympics in Utah (I believe the winter games of 2002), the main network covering the events for some reason decided that two doses of Mr. Denver had to be given at every commercial break (lead in and out). My wife, who is, admittedly, not a John Denver fan, but normally of an equable temperament, suddently jumped up during one such unasked for serenade and began looking for a gun. Fortunately, we are a no firearm household, and she had to content herself with uncommonly strident, telephoned complaints to the network and to our local station. Nonetheless uncertainty as to the continued safety of anyone who might be around at the time the voice of the altitude-loving crooner re-emerged from the ether, I blocked the channel for the remainder of the Olympics.

  4. Arabella:

    So much for on-line lyrics sites. I have made the change and my apologies to any armed Denver fans.

  5. JT:

    I have not noticed any correlation between homicides and listening to John Denver songs. However, I have noticed the correlation between listening and suicide.

  6. As a 4th-generation Coloradoan (tho’ now living in VT) who grew up totally loving John Denver songs, I take great offense at this tragedy. Surely it is the stress of living in a major metropolitan area where one can hear one’s neighbors sing (probably badly) that had more of an effect on this poor soul than the simple, happy melody that underlies the karaoke.

    (While I remain a John Denver fan, I do understand that his music isn’t to everyone’s taste, and the bulk of the paragraph above is intended to be satirical.)

    PS – With regard to the lyric – it’s Blue RIDGE mountains, not blue, rich mountains.

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