Judge Accused of Ordering Whites Out of Courtroom to Lecture Blacks

Georgia Judge Marvin Arrington is accused of telling white lawyers to leave his courtroom and then lecturing young black defendants. He discusses his “mistake” in the video below.

Arrington does not deny separating white lawyers and black defendants to engage in some cathartic criticism. He told a local television station: “I came out and saw the defendants, about 99.9 percent Afro-Americans, and some point time I excused some of the lawyers, most of them white, and said to the young people in here ‘What in the world are you doing with your lives.'”

He further noted in ordering the lawyers out: “I didn’t think about racism or reverse racism, I practiced law for 30 years and 75 percent of my partners were white.”

Once again, whether ordering criminal defendants to court (here) or ordering prayer circle in court (here), judges seem to be increasingly forgetting their limits in creative sentencing or cathartic conduct. When you add a racial element, it becomes a particularly worrisome trend.

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UPDATE: Judge says ordering whites out was a “mistake.” Here.

For the video, click here.

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