You Have a Right to Remain Single: Police Bachelor Party Under Investigation

It seems that police In Camden, Maine have a slightly different idea of a bachelor party, including shooting the groom with a taser and then having him handcuffed, hog-tied, oiled and feathered — and paraded around town on the back of a truck. The video below is now being treated as evidence of a possible crime.

The local sheriff has declared to be “ashamed” over the incident and has promised to investigate. Under a 2005 Maine law, it is a Class D misdemeanor to use a taser for such non-self-defense or non-official purposes. Strangely, the use of tasers for fun seems to be a growing phenomena. Click here and here.

For the video, click here

One thought on “You Have a Right to Remain Single: Police Bachelor Party Under Investigation”

  1. Camden, ME is a small, picturesque, very popular, upscale coastal Maine town, as much as a lot of Maine coastal towns are small, quaint, and quite simply refreshing summer destinations known for their local flair known to Mainers, tourists, and the ever encroaching landowners ‘from away’ – and all seasonal visitors, alike.

    No doubt, there is more to this story than what has been published locally.

    Almost needless to say, the winters are long and there’s not a lot of entertainment or cultural activity. Advanced education and matching job opportunities fail to keep the majority of graduates in state.

    Flea markets, auctions, and weekend yard sales are big business.

    It is the local practice to advertise ‘Going Out of Business’ sales in Maine, although I doubt these Officers came up with this particular idea for their colleague and friend’s bachelor party, on their own… 🙂

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