The Eyes (and Lips) of Texas Are Upon You: Texas Lawmaker Indicted for Pulling Gun (and Forced Kissing) at Two Events

In Houston, prosecutors announced the indictment of Rep. Borris Miles, who is accused of bizarre conduct. Miles allegedly threatened people with a gun on two separate occasions and forced a woman to kiss him at a holiday party. Miles owns an insurance company and hopefully carries a generous lawsuit insurance policy.

A Houston couple has demanded that Miles be tested for sexually transmitted diseases after he allegedly forced the wife to kiss him at a holiday party. He allegedly entered the St. Regis Hotel ballroom without invitation and pulled out a handgun — then forced the woman to kiss him. He is also accused of brandishing the same gun at a Rockets game that same night. Remarkably, he is only facing two Class A misdemeanors. I thought everything in Texas was a felony at this point.

The couple can also sue in torts for intentional infliction of emotional distress, assault, and battery.

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6 thoughts on “The Eyes (and Lips) of Texas Are Upon You: Texas Lawmaker Indicted for Pulling Gun (and Forced Kissing) at Two Events”

  1. “I think you have an asportation requirement to move them some distance.”

    Actually, I was thinking of simple abandonment and letting Mexico have at it.

    Alternatively, Congress could pass some legislation giving Mexico standing to bring a special proceeding in a New York Court, use its power to restrict the appellate power of the SCOTUS by denying it any say on the issue, and allow the realist New York ‘Jet-Set-Justices’ have a bit of revenge for the recent 2nd Circuit ruling on rights of passengers in airports…

    Just caught this today looking through John Dean’s columns….




    I posted a partial reply back in Hamster alley about an hour ago.

    I usually check that email account once a day; probably around 10 or 11 pm.

    BTW, I extended the invite assuming you’re an attorney; what’s more, an attorney who doesn’t believe in ‘relaxing the rules’ when counsel engages in litigation tactics that holds both the opposing counsel as well as the court in contempt.

    Regardless, I think you’ll find it interesting.

  2. Bob, Esq:

    I think you have an asportation requirement to move them some distance. If you are giving back Texas,I want it on record that here in Virginia, we do not necessarily want West Virginia back. Sorry for the joke in bad taste, but it’s a statewide hoary tradition to insult our former territory.

  3. … And Texas is the only state permitted to fly its flag at the same height as the U.S. flag; because it’s an independent republic.

    Well, if Texas wants so much to be an ‘independent state’, damn near not subject to the equal footing doctrine, as a resident of one of the 13 original colonies I say we make Texas a permanently independent republic of the United States and give it back to Mexico.

    Except for the blues bars in Austin and the steak houses in Dallas of course.




    Doesn’t the brandishing of a gun while forcing someone to stay in one place invoke common law kidnapping?

  4. That bit about everything in Texas being a felony was pretty darned funny.

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