Jesus Has Left the Building: Courthouse Loses Fight Over Portrait of Jesus

A federal judge In New Orleans has ruled that the city of Slidell must take down a portrait of Jesus on the wall at Slidell City Court. While the damages are nominal, the city will now pay legal fees and costs for an obviously unconstitutional act and attack on the principle of separation of church and state. Judge Jim Lamz helped bring about this loss by refusing to order the portrait removed. While it has been a few years since I lived in Louisiana, Slidell did not seem like a city with money to burn. Yet, it seems willing to waste money not only on this litigation but the salaries of the attorneys who told them that they could get away with this obvious violation.

After the picture was challenged, officials tried to disguise an obvious endorsement problem by adding pictures of other “notable law-givers.” The picture is the image as a 16th century Russian Orthodox icon called “Christ the Savior.” Media has reported that the portrait was originally hung, appropriately by a Judge Strain (former Judge James Strain Jr. to be precise).

One wonders what the response would be if another judge decides to hang a picture of Mohammad or Buddha rather than Jesus.

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15 thoughts on “Jesus Has Left the Building: Courthouse Loses Fight Over Portrait of Jesus”

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  2. “Thanyouvermuch”

    mespo, maybe we should call you ‘right-to-a-Speedy Gonzales’

  3. Personally, I am anxiously awaiting the second coming of St. Andale Pues. Wish he would hurry up!

  4. Patty C,

    “Spedito” becoming St Expedite! That was fun to read.

    Nowadays this kind of religious display in courthouses in the South is usually a sign that some judge ensconsed therein has political aspirations.

    Poor persecuted religionists!

  5. JR,

    I’m not sure. I’m pretty certain we’ve both seen way too many movies involving crazed aliens! I’ll take a portrait of either though as I’m quite fond of crazed aliens (as if there’s some other kind!).


  6. Coulda called this article “The Silence of the Lamz” but for the threat of an appeal looming on the horizon.

    It would be poetic justice to see Jesus replaced with ‘St. Expedite’
    -the patron saint of ‘prompt solutions’.

    Who do that voodoo?

    This desire to live in the moment might explain the importance of St. Expedite to both Roman Catholics and Voodoo practitioners. A statue of St. Expedite stands in Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. St. Expedite is portrayed as a classical warrior, one who wears a red robe and brandishes a cross in his right hand. He is the patron saint of prompt solutions, the saint to call upon during urgent emergencies. His origin is shadowed in controversy; the most popular story (and the one that our guide, Anna, told us) is that when a shipment of religious relics arrived one day at the church, the statue of St. Expedite was the only one that nobody recognized. The only clue to his identity was a label on the packing crate that read “Spedito”. So, this saint became known as St. Expedite. 150 years later, when a Roman Catholic scholar arrived in New Orleans and claimed that there was no such saint, local Catholics rallied around and found an obscure saint, St. Expeditus, to model their saint after.

    Roman Catholic influence in New Orleans has contributed to a local reverence for those that have passed on, and this veneration of family and tradition is in constant evidence. Mantels in shotgun houses, Creole cottages, mansions, and suburban homes are all more often than not decked with treasured family photographs, funerary art and candles. Such traditions have seeped into local Voodoo practices, which continue to intrigue both the city’s residents and guests. Touring New Orleans’ legendary Voodoo sites provides a rare insight into this fascinating religion.

  7. Oh nuts, I have no idea what the Brain Bug even looks like, but it has to be a big improvement over the Jesus portrait. 🙂

  8. You sure that’s the brain bug from “Starship Troopers” and not the alien that kills Brent Spiner in “Independence Day”?

  9. I agree with the Prof. that it was such a waste to try to fight this obvious violation. I am surprised that George W. hasn’t chimed in on this “attack” on religion!

  10. “One wonders what the response would be if another judge decides to hang a picture of Mohammad or Buddha rather than Jesus.”

    I respectfully submit, all things considered, another judge might find himself hanged.

  11. I like that idea alot! The Brain Bug!

    I withdraw my idea of bringing in a 10ft Golden Buddha.

  12. I want the portrait of the “Brain Bug” from Starship Troopers put up immediately. The law of the brain bug is: “Peace. No peace.”

    O.K., O.K. it’s an alien lawgiver, but it is still an ancient one.

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