Florida’s Mandatory Ultrasound Law Fails in Tie Vote

se defeat of the state’s mandatory ultrasound law for abortions — much like the recent bill in Oklahoma’s legislature. The bill would have required that a woman be shown the ultrasound unless she signs a waiver.

The bill, sponsored by Sen. Dan Webster, would have required to show the scan to the woman unless she signs a form — though there is an exemption for victims of rape, incest, domestic violence or human trafficking as well as emergency procedures where delay would create a danger for the woman’s health. That would be a lot of ultrasound. There were 96,000 abortions in Florida in 2006.

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One thought on “Florida’s Mandatory Ultrasound Law Fails in Tie Vote”

  1. As a Florida resident I am pleasantly shocked. The legislature in Florida, on both sides of the aisle, has been an unashamed panderer to greed and to religious hypocrisy. That they had enough legislators actually take a principled stand to defeat this pernicious legislation is a happy surprise.

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