Boomer Scores at the White House: Admiral Stufflebeem Committed Adultery at White House

Rear Adm. John “Boomer” Stufflebeem was recently demoted and fired from his post as director of the Navy staff. It was revealed this week, however, that Stufflebeem had a curious pick-up line: he falsely told a woman that he was a widower and slept with her at the White House — later lying about the liaison. The report shows that Stufflebeem seemed to morph into Bill Clinton when confronted with the affair.

The finding was made by the inspector general in its investigation of the matter. The woman was unmarried and worked for a federal agency. She was shocked to learn that he was married — though one would expect that it was an easy fact to discover in today’s Internet searches of dates, particularly given the fact that this was not a one-night stand. Stufflebeem’s “line” included how he was raising his children as a single parent. Next, to a puppy, it appears that this is a guaranteed hit with women.

This is probably not the first sailor to give a line to a date, but Jane Doe was pretty ticked when she said she learned Stufflebeem was (un)happily married — reportedly calling him “scum” and slamming the door in his face.

In a Clintonesque moment, Stufflebeem denied the affair and said “I did not have sex with this woman.”

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5 thoughts on “Boomer Scores at the White House: Admiral Stufflebeem Committed Adultery at White House”

  1. RMA 1990:

    If what happened approximately twenty years ago isn’t important, why is it that what happened thirty years ago and very recently is?

  2. When Admiral Stufflebeem was the President’s Naval Aide, the first Bush was president. He came to our school and seemed like an up and up man. His younger brother was a classmate and I am sure this is a shock to him and his family. Adm Stufflebeem comes from a Navy family and let’s hope that all the good that he has done (F-14 pilot, CAG, Battlegroup commander) isn’t overshadowed by what happened approximately 20 yrs ago.

  3. There has always been jokes about “rear” Admiral but lets just hope in this case that “Boomer” is a reference to “nucler” submarine.

  4. Judging by our “esteemed President” and his long list of lies, I’d have to say YES. Since we seem to reward government officials for lying and breaking the law whenever it suits them to do so, why would they have an incentive to be…you know…HONEST?

  5. Is pathological lying a criteria for employment at this White House?

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