Video Taunt Leads to Arrest: End of the Road for “Bird Road Rudy”

Rudy Villanueva, 31, known as Bird Road Rudy, had a brief but illustrious career as a filmmaker. The gang leader made a clip for YouTube where he taunted the Miami Police while holding guns, inviting them to “come and get some.” They did and not Bird Road Rudy is going to jail for six years.

Villanueva is a South Florida gang leader with 15 prior arrests. Among other things, it means that you cannot possess firearms. Yet, in this video, he is shown brandishing an AK-47 assault rifle and shotgun. Another man who owned the guns, 22-year-old Anthony Logan pleaded guilty to giving Villanueva the weapons and was given roughly a year in jail.
When the police raided the apartment, they found five weapons as well as two 30-round clips and 780 rounds of ammunition for the AK-47.

In his short film career, Villanueva is shown saying: “They can come at us if they want to, Metro-Dade gang unit, here I am, baby. Takin’ it to the next level, dog,” says Villanueva. “Come get some whenever you’re ready. Come get some. Yeah, baby!”

U.S. District Judge Marcia Cooke took him at his word and rejected the claim that this was just a joke.

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