Florida Dentist Drops Devices Down Throat of Patient — Twice

According to a Florida family, Dr. Wesley Meyers is something of a butterfingers. However, where other clumsy individuals drop fruit bowls, Meyers drops tools down the throats of his dental patients. After requiring a colonoscopy to remove the first tool (a screwdriver) dropped down his throat, Charles Gaal, 90, allegedly died after a second such accident when Meyers dropped another tool down his throat.

Meyers first mishap with Gaal allegedly occurred in October 2006 when he went to have his dentures secured. Meyers dropped a screwdriver down his throat and it took a colonoscopy to have the screwdriver removed from his large intestine.

The most amazing thing is that less than a year later in May 2007, Gaal went back to Wesley for implants and Meyer dropped another tool down his throat. Gaal was hospitalized for 50 days and then died this time.

The state has charged Meyers with negligence and reported him to the Board of Dentistry. He was fined $17,000 and told not to do more implants without additional training. He is still practicing.

Despite this record, there is no indication that his daughter is suing. I cannot imagine why. Malpractice does not a deterrent effect in such cases. These fines represent little more than a cost of doing business.

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