Feeding the Dragon: Annual Lawyer Poll

The annual poll of lawyers by Law Dragon has begun. You can vote for your favorite lawyers and judges here.

Notably, Bush lawyers John Yoo, Viet Dinh, Monica Goodling, Alberto Gonzales, or John Ashcroft are not on the list. Michael Mukasey is on the list but described as a district court judge. It were certainly be more plausible to focus on his work as a trial judge than his work as attorney general as a cause for praise.

9 thoughts on “Feeding the Dragon: Annual Lawyer Poll”

  1. Susan:

    Ok, Susan I accept. Counting you, my wife, and me there’s…let’s see now..two votes for me! Yippee.

  2. Mespo, according to a reliable source (Mr. Spence himself, in one or two of his books), Gerry Spence doesn’t wear his buckskin jacket INSIDE the courtroom, just the outside, usually for publicity photos. So I’m still including you in my votes. 🙂

  3. Susan:

    Thank you Susan but that’s company I’m not fit to be mentioned with in the same breath. I’m just a “sorriest American” country lawyer trying to figure it out like everyone else, and unlike Brother Spence I don’t look good in buckskins. I do think I compare favorably to Professor Turley when adorned with a dinner jacket though. Call in unwarranted vanity on my part..

  4. This video has everything-lawyers, gays. the bible and jews! Highly relevant!

  5. Wanted to vote for Turley and Chereminsky; but Chereminsky isn’t listed.

  6. Rafflaw wrote:
    I vote for myself and Professor Turley.

    Since we can vote for more than one (thank goodness!), I vote for JT, Rafflaw, and Mespo, (naturally! 🙂 ) plus two more; John Dean and Gerry Spence. I hope five isn’t TOO many.

  7. I vote for myself and Professor Turley. I agree with Jill about her surprise that Dundar didn’t vote for the Torture Trio. Especially Mr. Yoo for his ground breaking legal scholarship in producing the torture memo.

  8. dundar,

    Why aren’t you voting for David Addington and John Yoo or Jay Bybee as write-ins? These patriots have kept this country safe since from all evil doers, near and far.

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