Shock Video: Woman Shown Dying at New York Hospital Without Any Assistance from Staff or Witnesses

A shocking video has emerged of a woman who collapsed on the floor of Kings County Hospital and is left to die without any assistance despite people and staff moving around the patient, Esmin Green. It now turns out that staff may have falsified medical charts at the psych ward to conceal the incident.

There is now an investigation and potential criminal charges in the matter and four employees have been fired after the airing of the video. The hospital itself is the subject of a federal lawsuit alleging neglect and abuse.

Green, 49, feel out of her chair at 5:32 am, she is left writhing on the floor and stops moving at 6:08 am. A security guard sits in plain view without taking any action as she died. Later the staff wrote in her chart that Green was “sitting quietly in [the] waiting room” at 6:20 a.m. This video shows that to be false.

For the video and story, click here and here.

7 thoughts on “Shock Video: Woman Shown Dying at New York Hospital Without Any Assistance from Staff or Witnesses”

  1. What you have said I know to be true – first hand. I’ve also seen conditions in which this type of neglect is bred. Some of the most highly motivated care-givers are susceptible to a blindness and apathy because much of this work can be as life-altering for the health professionals as it was for this poor woman – Ms. Green. The answer lies in leadership.

  2. This type of neglect, fraud, and other alleged abuses have been going on for a long time at Cooks County, binx.

    They need to fire everyone involved and close the place down-at least temporarily.

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