Bell Curve: Ex-Con Steals Identity and Teaches at Florida School

In Sarasota, Florida, Susan Davidson Bell could not have been nicer when she saw another teacher copying her resume. She explained that she was going for job interview and offered to take the teacher’s resume to the same school. She was as good as her word, except for the fact that she then claimed the resume for her own and assumed the identity of the teacher.

Bell was able to secure a jog at the Suncoast School for Innovative Studies. The convicted felon was allowed to teach first grade at the charter school until officials became suspicious. When she was fired, she then used the fake identity to get another job at the private Brickhouse Academy.

This was her tenth arrest for fraud and larceny.

What is astonishing is how easy it is for someone to walk off the street with a resume and get access to first graders.

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2 thoughts on “Bell Curve: Ex-Con Steals Identity and Teaches at Florida School”

  1. To bad she didn’t enter a bikini contest, she’d have been caught in a very few days.

  2. The dark side of “School of Rock”.

    The point about no real checking on those working with young people is scary.

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