Speaker Pelosi’s Latest Justification for Barring Impeachment: Bush Would Never Cooperate With His Own Impeachment

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has continued her search for book sales and it seems her search for a plausible rationale for personally blocking any impeachment investigation of President Bush. The latest explanation can in an interview with Time Magazine. It seems that she would not allow an investigation because Bush would never have supplied incriminating evidence against himself. It seems that House investigators rely on the accused to build an impeachment case.

Before moving to the obvious problems with the latest rationale for blocking any impeachment effort for years, it is worth noting that it took the Speaker’s book tour to finally prompt her to answer questions about her decision.

Only last week, Pelosi used the august body of the hosts of The View to reveal her view on impeachment: there is simply no evidence of crimes committed by President Bush, click here.

My understanding is that her office was inundated with copies of the various documented crimes alleged against Bush. Now, Pelosi is claiming a different rationale: they could not rely on the White House and GOP supplying the evidence needed to convict:

Nancy Shipes of Woodstown, NJ: Why have you taken impeachment off the table as an option for President George W. Bush?

Pelosi: I took it off the table a long time ago. You can’t talk about impeachment unless you have the facts, and you can’t have the facts unless you have cooperation from the Administration. I think the Republicans would like nothing better than for us to focus on impeachment and take our eye off the ball of a progressive economic agenda.

I guess Nixon worked tirelessly for his own impeachment and resigned only out of a sense of self-loathing. What is particularly striking about this latest rationale is that it is so circular — as was Pelosi’s first explanation. First, we could not start an investigation for impeachment without clear evidence of crimes, but we can only confirm evidence of crimes by investigating.

Now, it appears the House cannot start impeachment proceedings unless a president and his party would agree to turn over incriminating evidence. Of course, the use of a president’s authority to conceal or destroy evidence in such an investigation is itself a potentially impeachable offense. Pelosi prevented a John Dean from coming forward by barring the hearing. In past hearings, we have seen former Bush officials implicate the Administration in investigations such a the firing of the US Attorneys. Indeed, if this is Pelosi’s rationale for barring impeachment, why is the House pursuing contempt on these other investigations? It appears that a lack of cooperation does not end matters that the House wants to address.

The biggest problem, however, is that the crimes are hiding in plain view. A federal court has already found the domestic surveillance program was unlawful and there is no question as to the torture question — as found by the International Red Cross when it informed Bush that war crimes charges could be brought.

Moreover, Pelosi made this promise years ago and worked to prevent every effort to investigate or have courts review these programs. I do not know what lessons the Speaker has laid out for our daughters, but this is one lesson that I think I will pass on for my daughter.

For the latest interview, click here

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  1. Several months before 9/11 Bush gave Dick Cheney sole authority to be in charge of NORAD. This is the military’s domain from what I understand. NORAD has never stood down when any and all airplanes have strayed or been in trouble in the past. But why did NORAD stand down on 9/11 when Dick was in charge? Enquiring minds want to know.

  2. Now you have the worst Speaker in history to go with your worst President in history.

  3. Our country has changed in the last 30 years from one where people were at least embarrassed to be exposed as lawbreakers, but the Republican revolution years have ended that.
    No crime is bad enough that you can’t find some corporate evil to employ you after you get your slap on the wrist. Oliver North, Ralph Reed, Spymaster Poindexter all of these criminals have managed to survive and even prosper after their treasonous acts.
    The fact that the upside of subverting our constitution is buckets of cash now and even more later, and the downside is merely a delay in the paycheck is a guarantee that we will see more of this in the future.
    Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are an instrumental part of the dismantling of our Constitution. Without their cooperation the Bush Crime League would be running scared and our nations future would be safe, but thanks to these traitors pissing away our heritage we are on track to live in a police state corporatacracy.

  4. Justice delayed is Justice denied……Gladstone.

    The war mongering criminals in the white house and their appointee
    accomplices will never be brought to justice.

    For the life of me, I do not know why…..

    Is congress AFRAID? For what reason do they cower in the shadows
    from the light of day shown upon the current misdeeds and corruption
    of the bush administration?

  5. Why not simply impeach Pelosi?

    If Bush can’t stand trial, then we can attack his symps and aiders and abettors. She clearly is HELPING him and therefor, should stand trial for TREASON just the same.

    Pelosi is a treasonous, unAmerican pro-China Symp.

    Pelosi must be RECALLED.

    If found guilty of the crime of Treason against the State — the punishment is Execution.

    Pelosi wanted to the be the first Woman Speaker, now she can be the first woman speaker who was impeached, found guilty of Treason and Hung. Just not the way she had hoped.

    Hardee har har

  6. ‘At his death, it was said by Henry Cabot Lodge that he was “a good hater, who detested shams, humbugs and pretense above all else.”
    I’d take that across my headstone anytime.’
    mespo – oui, oui, moi aussie!

  7. I think she called her book “Know Your Power” because “Know Your Place: A Message To Americans” would have been a bit too obvious even for her.

    There’s no action on any of these issues because the D’s and R’s are united in treason against the Constitution and the people.

    The old United States as we remembered or imagined it is over. The call is for everyone to contribute to and participate in the creation of a new political system.

    In the life of every person and of every people there’s the moment when we must face the reality that our parents are dying, and no matter how frightened or sad that makes us there’s nothing we can do to stop it. The only thing we can do for them is honor their service, and their passing, and let them go. And before we can let them go, which is what frees them to open to whatever is next for them, we have to stop depending on them and start to take care of ourselves.

    Each of these incidents is simply another reminder from life that it’s time…and that we can.

  8. Kennedy

    It all goes back to Vietnam & Watergate. The convential wisdom is that Nixon’s impeachment proved how healthy & vigorous the American system of government is. The fact of the matter is that Nixon almost got off. He was only brought down by a happy & improbable convergence of actors, institutions & forces. If any one of these factors were absent, he would have remained in office.

    To give you some examples: What if Vietnam had not thoroughly shaken public confidence & trust in the government? What if Nixon had not taped his own criminal conspiracy? What if Nixon had had the presence of mind to simply hang the Plumbers & their higher-placed handlers out to dry?

    Then there was the aftermath: 1. Ford pardons Nixon, setting the precedent for Contragate’s resolution & most recently Scooter Libbey’s get-out-of-jail-free card. 2. The Church commision inaugurates some feeble checks on the Imperial Presidency. They do no real good, but they inflame elements on the Right with the mission of reinvigorating the Executive Branch.

    This was precisely Cheney’s & Rumsfeld’s & Addington’s agenda: to undo the effects of Vietnam & Watergate –even before 9/11. With an Endless War on Terror to propel them they have cowed the press, broken the back of Congress & so corrupted & enlarged the Executive that we now live under an authoritarian regime, to put a charitable label on it. It is the Bourbon reaction to the era of Vietnam & Watergate.

  9. Why is this happening? How is Bush getting away with these farcical six years? How is Pelosi getting away with this ineptitude that borders on corruption? There has to be some obscure law to boot the woman from office, especially after she got into office on the platform that she would lead an investigation against Bush, help the economy, and get begin removing troops from Iraq. Zero out of three is despicable and politicians have to realize that they eventually need to answer to the American people.

  10. Patty C:

    Indeed “Czar” Reed was from Maine and attended public schools as well as Bowdoin College there. An imposing figure in terms of stature and power, he greatly expanded the power of the job that had waned into mere prestige. A wonderful lawyer with keen cross examination skills, it is said he single-handedly forced Samuel Tilden to personally appear before the Potter Commission to defend his reputation. At his death, it was said by Henry Cabot Lodge that he was “a good hater, who detested shams, humbugs and pretense above all else.” I’d take that across my headstone anytime.

  11. Initialy, in an appearance on “The View”, Pelosi argued that there was no evidence to support impeaching Bush. Such is the abundance of evidence for impeachment that Pelosi must have decided that this explanation was inoperative.

    Now impeachment is impracticable because Bush won’t co-operate. This story is equally lame. I don’t recall Nixon co-operating with Congress or the Special Prosecutor or anyone else. That’s what the Saturday Night Massacre was all about.

    The difference between then & now is that then some in Congress were principled enough –or at least jealous enough of their own perogatives– to pursue the issue to its conclusion.

    Now Congress is supine & in many cases complicit in the crimes of this administration. And you can forget about anyone in the Office of the Attorney General resigning on priciple a la Richardson. We now understand the selection process for Bush’s toadies.

  12. If I only could laugh about our Democratic Speaker of the House’s refusal to stand up to this presidents abuse of the constitution and his prosecution of the war. She is the one to exercise the checks and balances and refuses to do so. I conclude as well, the wiretaps must have worked….in her case at least. What is her secret?

  13. The hatred in these genetically misinformed people is obvious, so please stop responding to these Zionists (racists), liars, and imbeciles’ vulgar comments; it only gives their puny minds satisfaction and encouragement. Their hero Goebbels would be having a good laugh at their attempts at “disseminating information”.

  14. Joseph Gurney Cannon, Henry Clay, Sam Rayburn and Tip O’Neill are generally considered the great Speakers of the House and were rocks of power and principle–though I must say sometimes their principles revolved around jealous protection of their, and consequently the House’s power. Against those standards Pelosi’s service as presiding officer of the House pales indeed. If Speaker Thomas Brackett Reed* was right that the Office “has no peer and one superior,” we must conclude that Speaker Pelosi has determined her “superior” to be political expediency. Measured against the previously mentioned “rocks” of the Chamber, we must regretfully conclude that, despite her historic ascendancy, the gravitas of the Gentlewoman from California merits barely a feather.


    * Czar Reed as the Speaker was known is one of my favorite politicians with an acerbic wit that can only be borne of refined intelligence and absolute control. When famously asked if his party might nominate him for President, he quipped “[t]hey could do worse, and they probably will.” My other favorite quote from this gentlemen when asked if he planned to attend a rival’s funeral said “no — but I approve of it.”

  15. percy
    1, August 2, 2008 at 6:11 pm

    >I really wish you Bush Derangement Syndrome two percenters would >just lay off a fine man and a great President.

    >It is so obvious you mentals are channeling your own self hatred at >the President.

    This is percy’s entry for “Joke of the Day”, right? I know I got a big laugh out of it. The funniest line is the one about “two percenters”, as if the other 98% of the country thinks he has a brain in his head. Or likes him. Or even respects him. Or thinks he’s doing a good job. Or thinks he and McBush are taking the country in a direction it wants to go. Now, THAT’S funny!

  16. I really wish you Bush Derangement Syndrome two percenters would just lay off a fine man and a great President.

    It is so obvious you mentals are channeling your own self hatred at the President.

  17. Since we now know from Qwest’s February, ’00 refusal to co-operate, that the illegal wiretapping program began immediately after the Bush Crime family co-opted the White House in 2001, it is not unreasonable to assume they’ve got something juicy on Speaker Pelosi.

  18. Pelosi is a Zionist Jew (pretending to be Catholic) who supports Bush because they share the same vision for Israel. If McCain wins, she’ll support him in bombing Iran because it helps Israel. Her loyalty isn’t toward America or even her party, it’s toward Israel. It’s time for the Democrats to remove her and her own State to throw her out. I’m not to sure about State Law, but can Californians recall a Congresswoman? If so, GET TO WORK.

  19. DUH–Isn’t the lack of cooperation kind of the point of impeachment? “take our eye off the ball of a progressive economic agenda.” what progressive economic agenda would that be? Democrats cannot even muster the will to give tax breaks for alternative energy companies that would put our people to work and get us out of the oil business. They gave meger rations to those who face forclosure, can’t bear to vote for universal health care etc. They aren’t doing either.

    The number of people telling Congress we want dick and george impeached is quite large. We have made our wishes on this matter clear since 06. Most of us would like our Congress to do both. These are smart people, can they really not multitask? Doesn’t she look at Congress’ own dismal ratings in public opinion?

    I’m glad her book tour allows real questions to be posed. I don’t think most of these people hear dissent. That is dangerous and it does create the “crazed Roman emperor” effect throughout the govt.

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