China Accused of Lies and Cover-up in Massacre

Do you remember that “separatist attack” in Kashgar that the Chinese government and media reported days before the Olympics? Evidence now indicates that the government lied to the world about two separatists killing Chinese paramilitary police. Photographs from tourist now show that it was a fight between paramilitary officers and that the government promptly sought to seize any photographs from tourists across the street. They missed a roll.

When the attack occurred, the government’s propaganda machine kicked into high gear to describe the attack as carried out by two tethnic Uighur separatists seeking to disrupt the Olympics. However, the over two dozen pictures from these tourists show a truck running into the compound and uniformed police jumping out. What followed was what appeared to be a machete attack by police on police. At least 16 were killed and tourists report police hacking to death officers on the ground or kneeling in front of them. More importantly, after hacking the other officers, the police then went about seizing film and destroying evidence, according to a New York Times report.

Once again, the International Olympic Committee truly picked as wonderful place for the games. The IOC went out of its way to praise the Chinese for a “flawless show.” It now appears that the flaws were simply removed so that they didn’t show.

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2 thoughts on “China Accused of Lies and Cover-up in Massacre”

  1. Rafflaw, if I may borrow one of your lines and alter it slightly, your point gets amplified:

    >Of course, how can the U.S. complain when we are in….debt to our eyeballs to them. Better make that our hairline after borrowing more to finance the bailout.

  2. Are we supposed to be surprised when the Chinese lie and kill to keep their Olympics clean from the real news in China? This is a brutal regime that will stop at nothing. Look at the tainted milk story from Professor Turley as additional evidence of the repression by the Chinese government. They are a sad excuse for a country. Of course, how can the U.S. complain when we are in the same league as China when we torture prisoners and kill them. Over 100 prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan have been killed while in our custody! That is a sad fact that is not in the main stream media much. That is what Bush/Cheney have wrought. That is what a John McCain administration would continue. Remember he voted to allow the CIA to continue to torture.

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