Casey Anthony Arrested After Highway Car Switch

In Orlando, Florida, police moved in to arrest Casey Anthony after she switched cars on a highway, which police feared was an attempt to flee. She was charged shortly after an indictment was issued by the grand jury. What is most striking in the case is that her own father appears ready to testify against her. If he appears at trial, it would be very hard to wipe away the impact on the jury regardless of how talented the defense counsel may be.

Anthony was charged with seven counts, including capital murder, for the disappearance of her 3-year-old daughter Caylee.

Her car switch could be excused as an effort to avoid media, but it may prove the least of her worries. Her conduct shortly before and after Caylee’s disappearance is likely to get into the trial, including (after Caylee’s disappearance) partying, going to nightclubs, entering “hot-body” contests and rarely mentioning Caylee with friends. Worse yet, she has contradictions in her police statements and a record. (After being arrested child neglect charges and bonded, she was rearrested on bad check and theft charges). Police also have reports of cadaver dogs picking up the scent of death in the trunk of a car Anthony drove and in her parents’ backyard. And they there is the dad. A father as a prosecution witness is a dream for any prosecutor and a nightmare for any defense counsel. The only good thing for Casey is that he does not appear to have much in terms of direct evidence to offer. However, the lack of content would likely be lost on a jury watching a father testify against his own daughter.

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5 thoughts on “Casey Anthony Arrested After Highway Car Switch”

  1. wow katz. the worse of the group sounds like cindy. i mean a monster. and casey turned out just like her.

  2. the “anthony family” not so unlike the Manson DEEPLY SICK..typical Christians..all jewelry no observance ..darling mom cindy the control freak wife of a former cop..daughter of a cop..knew very well what she was doing destroying evidence from the home & car..George is no angle..the former cop of 10 years quit the job because cindy forced him to…he went to work with his dad.,cindy’s idea..became so enraged by his dad George tossed his father through a car dealership window…opened his own car dealership..more of cindys controlling…they have been cleaning up after casey her entire life..and it never works..cindys punishment will be waking up every day KNOWING had she not demanded casey keep a baby she knew she couldnt care for..that child would still be alive. cindy deserves a cell next to casey

  3. Sorry, that was the attorney for Casey Anthony.

    Note to self: ‘Watch more Nancy Grace.’

  4. Cindy Anthony’s attorney invokes the Iraq war defense. She’s toast:

    Baez then asked people to remember the U.S. Constitution.

    “Casey has been going through a nightmare and has been living a nightmare for the last several month,” Baez said. “She has a missing child and she is also someone’s child. This family has had to withstand something unlike anyone has ever seen. We just ask that everyone respect that and everyone understand what Casey Anthony is going through.”

    Baez said if the evidence is what it is supposed to be, it will withstand the rigors of cross examination. He warned people not to jump to conclusions.

    “THAT IS NOT WHY WE HAVE PEOPLE DYING IN IRAQ FOR,” Baez said. (emphasis added) “That’s not why we have been fighting to keep these freedoms alive. This is the ultimate test. Everyone here should be aware of that and everyone should embrace that. I’ve told you many times that I understand the freedom of the press but I think it should be fair and balanced. And just because we have yet to disclose or explain Casey’s version of events doesn’t make it any less credible.”

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