Supreme Court Turns Down Donofrio Appeal

220px-barack_obamaAs expected, the Supreme Court has turned down an emergency appeal from Leo Donofrio of East Brunswick, N.J. to intervene to bar President-elect Barack Obama from taking office due to the fact that he had British citizenship at birth.

There remain other pending challenges around the country but I think Obama can go ahead and write his speech.

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  1. Leo says goodnight.


    “The blog is taking too much of my time and energy. Therefore, it is going dark. I have work to do. My legal blogging days are over. I may eventually publish a book on this era of my life.

    “Peace and love.


    Promises, promises. Leo keeps on promising to drop out of the discussion, but keeps popping back up like weeds in the Spring.

    The other Leo thread is here:

  2. The latest twist in the Donofrio Saga.

    Leo Donofrio is still worried that they are out to get him. We last saw him sitting next to a homeless man on a bench at Union Station in Washington D.C., hair dyed, dressed in rock and roll clothes, electronic passport in his sneaker [!] worried about “Blackwater” types communicating with the homeless man about their target, and preparing to file papers with the United States Supreme Court.

    Now he is worried that the birthers themselves are part of a plot [a calculated device] put in place by Obama and his minions [powers that be] to discredit his ideas that Obama is disqualified because his father was African [crushing the eligiblity movement].

    “I am very concerned that the amount of serious media attention the birth certificate issue is currently generating is NOT due to some mass awakening of citizens but rather a calculated device put in place by the powers that be as a set up for crushing the eligibility movement once and for all.”

    He goes on:

    “One of these days the Obama administration might serve up for your culinary consumption the most perfect long form birth certificate you could ever imagine. Hawaii officials will vouch for its authenticity under oath if need be. And numerous forensic experts will substantiate its veracity.

    “Then the POTUS eligibility movement is going to look like a vast nutjob right wing conspiracy.

    “And the ineligible one will be so much stronger and more powerful for it.”

    He says that the birthers at World Nut Daily have dropped the “POTUS eligibility” ball. This theory implies that all the anonymous posters like Cindy, Troll, bdaman, Buena Vista Mall and others are little more than catspaws, willing or unwilling agents of the forces of darkness.

    He has more to say:

    The dual nationality issue is NOT a conspiracy theory. It’s a genuine legal question. Obama admits he was a dual citizen at birth. Eligibility advocates have simply
    questioned whether that makes him ineligible to be President under Article 2 Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution.
    BC = Conspiracy theory
    Check it out. Source:

    So there you have it in his own words. His theory is that the birth certificate doubters are not part of a nutjob right-wing conspiracy, but of an even more sinister left-wing conspiracy aimed directly at him. The aim of the conspiracy is to discredit his legal theory of the dual nationality eligibility advocates.

    The powers to be are out to get him, and the birthers are their tools, both the willing, knowing agents of disruption and provocation and their innocent, ignorant dupes.

    Bottom line: Obama is behind the birthers.

  3. Vince, it was The Fly starring Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis in 1986, not 1984. Remake of the 1950s classic. Original short story in Playboy.

    Vince, sorry about that.

  4. I was quite amused and had absolutely no fear reading this fanciful story until I came upon the last line. Now I shudder:

    “Leo C. Donofrio, Esq. Currently admitted to practice law in New Jersey and in Federal District Court.”

  5. Leo left a lot of dogs in the fight. Cort and Mario agree with him that Obama was born in Hawaii, but still challenge him. Berg and Corsi say Kenya, without a shred of credible evidence. Andy Martin also challenges Obama. Orly has served trunkloads of papers on Chief Justice Roberts. None of them seem to agree with each other, and a lot of them hate each other.

  6. What did he say that was racist? It was absolutely crazy, but how was it racist?

  7. I like to see people return to old topic threads to ‘resolve’ or ‘wrap-them-up’ with conclusive information. Perhaps this chapter is the last one regarding *this* issue that so consumed Mr. Leo C. Donofrio, Esq.


  8. Mr. Donofrio is simply BVM with a law degree. He cannot stand the idea of a black person in the presidency. I knew that would be the case with a number of people in this country, but have nonetheless been surprised by the degree of racism. Mr. Donofrio’s paranoia now convinces him that all sorts of secret forces are out to get him. The truth of course is that absolutely no one cares what windmills he chooses to tilt at, as long as he doesn’t allow his paranoid fantasies to turn ugly. It is truly amazing to me how these folks are able to convince themselves of their own importance to the salvation of mankind, and react with shock when their ravings are not given serious attention. I fully expect the John Birch Society to start a new membership drive any day now.

  9. I see on the web that Leo has bowed out of the controversy. Since his suit has figured so prominently in the discussion, it seems that his last farewell statement would be of interest:



    I have seen some really sick comments posted recently which encouraged the military to disobey orders. That is wrong. I strongly suggest that all active military step back and refrain in any way from taking advice over the Internet on a matter of this importance. Consult with your family attorney or a JAG advocate. This is my final statement on the matter. I pass on having anything to do with military suing over POTUS eligibility. I don’t have the resources to guide such a litigation, nor do I see that any court would ever provide true justice after what I’ve experienced with my case and Cort’s. I have absolutely NO faith in the US legal system. None. Nada. Zilch. Zippo. So I don’t see the point of subjecting our troops to legal harm for a case they will NEVER win in the cult’s courts. The military can deal with any situation in their own court system.

    As for Obama and the cult, I have made myself known to you and given you enough to chew on for now. The truth should be starting to sink in. Please don’t show up at my chess matches anymore unless you are entering the tournament.

    I will now go on to display power via chess, poker, golf, film, art and music. The power I represent through my art is the boss. There is no other. God is champion of the universe. God is accurate, precise, all knowing, all powerful and prepared to prove that to you with a kiss.

    You cannot change it. So Repent.

    Take the power you have usurped and do some good with it. Everybody on this planet has a chance to redeem themselves.

    I am now going to step away from the POTUS eligibility issue and move on with my life.


    On Nov. 3, 2008, I went to SCOTUS to file my application for an emergency stay of the national election. I took a Greyhound bus from Baltimore to Washington, D.C. because I was afraid to use Amtrak where I would have had to present ID for a ticket. I took that bus to the Greyhound station in Washington DC and walked from there to Union Station.

    I felt that my life was in danger because I knew that if I could get my case filed before 4:30PM, there was a chance, a remote but genuine chance, that if the SCOTUS rules were followed, my case could stop the general election. As you all know, the SCOTUS rules were not followed when a clerk tried to overrule the SCOTUS precedent from McCarthy v. Briscoe.

    I had previoulsy felt the evil operate against my case in the NJ Appellate Division where I experienced sabotage I never thought possible. I felt the full force and power of the cult as it tried to stop my case from having proper procedural ground to move on to SCOTUS.

    In the days leading up to Nov. 3, 2008… my cell phone and that of a family member were subjected to treachery that only somebody with serious power could have accomplished. Because of the dual attacks upon my sanity, I came to Washington D.C. with fear in my heart, but I was not about to stop. Nothing short of a bullet was going to stop me from filing that application on Nov. 3, 2008.

    On the Greyhound bus to DC, I had made a plan to pay for a tourist trolley ticket to take me one stop from Union Station to SCOTUS. I figured I would be safer blending in with tourists rather than being alone.

    Before leaving for DC the night before, I died my hair blond, shaved, put on rock and roll clothes and stuffed the copies of my application in a hole through the pockets of my jacket which hid the documents in my back.

    I looked nothing like the attorney who had been in the Hughes Justice complex all week in New Jersey.

    But I made one mistake.

    I had my electronic passport in my sneaker. I walked into Union Station to purchase a $35 trolley ticket and probably set off an RFID tracker.

    I waited outside of Union Station for the trolley. At approximately 2:45 PM, just after I had purchased my ticket inside the station, I was sitting next to a white homeless man with a grey beard in his 50’s. He had two shopping carts full of clothes, food, radio etc., apparently his life possessions. We were the only two people sitting on this stone circle just outside the station.

    Suddenly, the homeless man starts gibbering some kind of weird code. He sounded like this,
    “Echo one four two seven, target is in the building, repeat target is in the building…”

    Then he paused and I looked up and a big SUV had pulled up right next to us, and two BIG mofos in yellow gold shirts got out of the SUV, opened the back door and started putting on body armor and packing mega heat… all the while they are scouring the area for the “target”.

    The homeless man is talking to them through a device in his battered shirtsleeve,

    “No point in wasting time, I want to get paid for this, target is in the building… Ok, but I thought you might want to just get the target, repeat — target is in the building, target is in the building. Stop wasting time out here.”

    He was mixing in code talk with things I could understand.

    Finally, these Blackwater types in yellow who had no badges or official insignia head into Union Station carrying full weapons.

    I’m having a heart attack. They looked straight at me at least twice but I looked like such a clown. If they were looking for the brown haired bearded intellectual looking lawyer guy who was in court that week there’s no way they would recognize me with shocking platinum hair in my face, a dayglo blue jacket, flared jeans and trainers.

    I am a chameleon.

    I also had no visible paperwork with me. It was in the back of my jacket and my back was pressed against the stone circle.

    When they entered Union Station, the homeless guy turns towards me and hits a button on his cell device and suddenly he’s on speakerphone. The conversation is between him and some woman wherein he’s trying to get confirmation that his payment has been credited to his account.

    He gives me a sly look, and with that my trolley comes.

    I get on the trolley and open my tourist brochure to cover my face. Then I have to sit there for five excrutiating minutes while various people discuss with the dirver whether they should take the tour tonight or tomorrow. Honestly folks, I thought right then and there, “Your life aint worth shit, Leo. You are a walking dead man.”

    When I finally got to the steps of SCOTUS, I was prepared to have my head blown off walking up those steps. I was a ***** mess. Seriously. The paranoia was so intense. I even asked for official protection.

    I don’t know if they were just trying to scare me, really meant to take me down, or if it was all a coincidence. I’m sure there’s a video tape of it somehwhere. This is 100% true.

    After the case was filed, I was followed for weeks. I had choppers over my home every night for hours. It was the typical black helicopter story in spades. But my whole family witnessed the choppers night after night.

    The cult knew my case was strong. And it eventually got on every major news network and brought the one issue they had kept silent to the forefront of the nation — the fact that Obama was a dual citizen at birth.

    OK, so now he’s POTUS. Many people voted for him. The messiah vibe is an archetype people are prone to fall for. But Obama is not the Messiah. (And if they try to make him one, the “Obama Has A Twin” song will be a number 1 hit througout the land. Just kidding.)

    There’s not going to be a one world religion.

    It will never be allowed by the one true God. He doesn’t mind the diversity of truly pious people. He loves us all.

    I worship Jesus, but I don’t believe Jesus will condemn those who don’t worship him as long as they are pious good people who follow the number one teaching. Love one another. Love your enemies.

    Good luck, Obama. If you’re going to change something, then change the cult. You aint “the One”, but try to be a good President. The standard for being a good President isn’t very high.
    Word Up.

    Beware of charlatans.

    Much love to all. And I mean all.

    Leo C. Donofrio, Esq. Currently admitted to practice law in New Jersey and in Federal District Court.

    UNQUOTE, source:

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