The “P” Stands for Pot: Drug Dealers Using Fake UPS Trucks

18238795_240x180You might want to be a bit careful giving your overnight to the UPS guy at the corner. Police in the Arizona Department of Public Safety officials seised 2,118 pounds of 2,118 pounds of marijuana from a fake UPS truck. It brings a new meaning to the slogan, “What Can Brown Do For You?” Among other things, it can bring some good Hawaii Maui Waui to our door.

The truck matched the UPS trucks perfectly, including a homemade plate matching a real license plate number for a UPS truck. When stopped, the driver ran into the desert.

For the full story, click here.

8 thoughts on “The “P” Stands for Pot: Drug Dealers Using Fake UPS Trucks”

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  2. We should expect this kind of ingenuity from Pot Dealers. I can remember taking part in many creative discussions on this subject in years gone by. The problem though was that the specifics of those discussions were lost to me by the following sunrise, more so as the decades have past.

  3. Don’t pot dealers have a need for prompt delivery?? Are we sure that the UPS truck was a fake? I have often wondered about those guys in their brown shorts! I wonder if UPS charges more when you are shipping illegal drugs?

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