Video: Officer Tasers Himself After Car Chase

2A Dallas police officer has achieved a certain fame after the video below captures him tasering himself after a chase with a suspected car thief.

The chase started in Dallas and ended in South Irving. It is not clear whether it was an accidental discharge or whether the officer was trying to use the taser. Since the suspect was not resisting and appears handcuffed, it is assumed that the discharge was accidental.

For the video, click here.

6 thoughts on “Video: Officer Tasers Himself After Car Chase”

  1. Buddha,
    The Dallas PD’s problems became nationally known by their performance in the Kennedy Assassination. It seems their competence had not progressed since then. Actually, in truth, what kind of a PD would a City like Dallas have? I can surmise without ever visiting, that it wouldn’t be overly concerned with either constitutional or human rights. I too vote with the majority sentiment, it’s about time for a story like this.

  2. It is only right that after all of the misused taser stories that we finally get one where the officer is tasered. The movie Dumb and Dumber comes to mind. I don’t think Deputy Barney Fife would have been so dumb as to taser himself! Maybe lock himself in the jail,but not taser himself!

  3. I’ve lived in Dallas. I have to go with the Keystone analysis. The only place I’ve ever seen more incompetent cops is in New Orleans.

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