D’oh! Thief Arrested After Giving Officer False Address — The Officer’s Address

thumb_policeman_cartoonWe may be losing markets to foreign countries but we still have a superior level of criminal. A teenager from Achim was caught shoplifting and an officer demanded his address. The teen made up an address. The only problem was that not only did the teen not live there but the officer did.

The thief had lived at that house at one time and never met the man who moved in after him. It turned out to be the arresting officer.

So much for the German criminal mind. It is a good thing that they are so darn good at making cars.

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3 thoughts on “D’oh! Thief Arrested After Giving Officer False Address — The Officer’s Address”

  1. I will say this from field testing last night. This story makes a great cocktail party conversation starter.

  2. That’s hilarious…

    It’s nice to hear stories such as this.

    Here’s another one….
    Yesterday, a guy one town over from me robbed a bank. He then took the cash and went to a used car dealership and tried to buy a car with the cash…just hours later. And guess what?? He was caught. I can’t imagine why or how…

  3. Ahh, the comedy of chance! You unlucky bastard. I know for a fact who isn’t going to Vegas with me next time.

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