Homeless Man Steals a $100 Bill From Bank, Turns Himself in the Next Day and Apologizes — and Is Given 15 Years By Louisiana Judge

roy_brownRoy Brown, 54, is a homeless man who said that he was hungry and needed a place to live when he walked the Capitol One bank in Shreveport, Louisiana in December 2007 and stole a single $100 bill. The next day, he turned himself into police, apologized, and said that he was not raised to do such things. After he pleaded guilty, the Shreveport judge then sentenced him to 15 years in prison. In the meantime, former AIG executive Christian Milton defrauded customers of more tha $500 million and was just sentenced to 4 years.

Having lived in Louisiana, I must say that this is all too familiar. I represented a man named Quenton Brown who was homeless and walked into a breadstore and stole a 15 cent pie and a handful of cash from the counter. He then crawled under the house nearby and ate the pie. He was pulled from under the house (where a non-working gun was found in his bag). Quenton had a 54 IQ — similar to a toddler. They gave in 30 years. I was able to get him out after 15 years from Angola prison.

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27 thoughts on “Homeless Man Steals a $100 Bill From Bank, Turns Himself in the Next Day and Apologizes — and Is Given 15 Years By Louisiana Judge”

  1. The Judge under Louisiana State Law (first degree robbery, which is what Mr. Brown Pled guilty to) could not sentence him for less than 3, or more than 40. Throw in any priors that Mr. Brown may have had and you can see where the Judge made his decision.

    How about an article on Mr. Brown that shows the whole truth instead of perpetuating the internet sensationalism that is taking place.

  2. Its just awful ! I read all these comments, and EVERYONE except for one, disagrees with whats happening in our society today. There’s always one. Jimmy Jon, you could be next, walking down the street and get wrongly CONVICTED for just stepping on gum, and sentenced to 20yrs. Injustice is Injustice, lets not sugar coat it! Its unfair in this case, and thats what it is! Shame on this judge for doing that to this poor man.

  3. Who knows what this guy has been in jail for so far… its not racism Mike Spindell, he’s a law breaker. Probably multiple offenses considering he is trying to stay on detox. I dont feel bad for this guy. He broke the law multiple times and I am personally glad he’s not going to be mugging me for the next 15 years. This would be a completely different story if all the facts were in the article. Just my 2 cents

  4. The difference is that the judge has to follow the letter of the law and (I hope) felt bad about having to hand down the sentence. It’s been four years now and I hope he has come up for parole with a lawyer who knows what he is doing.

  5. this judge is just insaneee!! this guy surely doesnt deserve 15years punishment…he didnt even took a single penny…he return it all, he’s not supposed to be in jail at all…just 1month of public service will do!

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