Judge Keller Defends Herself Against Judicial Ethics Charges

keller_sharon_newIn today’s series of stories of judges acting bravely and badly, here is one for the latter category. Judge Sharon Keller, Chief Judge of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, has filed her response to the charges of judicial misconduct and incompetence for ordering the closing of the clerk’s office after being informed of a last minute death-penalty appeal. She blames the lawyer and denies any responsibility in the matter.

In a story that we have been following Judge Keller’s refused to keep court offices open past 5 p.m. on Sept. 25, 2007, to receive an appeal in the case of Michael Richard, a convicted rapist and murderer. Richard was then put to death that evening.

Keller has developed such a hostile reputation toward criminal defendants that she was known as “Killer Keller” by the bar.

In her filing, she insists that she acted “in accordance with longstanding custom” and that the lawyers could have taken their appeal directly to individual judges when she ordered that the doors should not have been kept open.

For a copy of Judge Keller’s response, click here.

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5 thoughts on “Judge Keller Defends Herself Against Judicial Ethics Charges”

  1. Federal judge has ruled that Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings III and former Assistant Prosecutor Eric Matwiejczyk are to be removed from a lawsuit.

    Here’s the jest. I understand that Michigan does not have the Death Penalty, so no harm no foul if your wrongfully convicted for MURDER.

    It was proved by the State Police person that had a conscience when he offered information to the effect that Claude McCollum (Defendant) could not have done the murder.

    It was not until another person was Arrested for another crime that he confessed to the MURDER. Get this, the Prosecutor did not want to dismiss the original conviction.

    Now if this had been Killer Kellers position, the man would have been executed for a crime that he did not commit.

    So much to say for Keller: She is just following Orders from her prior boss. I may be wrong but her prior boss was trained by no other that J. Edgar Hoover. You want to talk about lives ruined.

    See all you can about Judicial Corruption. Look at how much money was paid for the Coal Mining Judge, the Millions of Dollars spent to elect a Supreme Court Judge in Alabama. See the corruption in the Judicial Selection process in Michigan. Oh yeah.

  2. Judge Keller was lying in her brief with the expectation that nothing was on tape. It seems ridiculous that an attorney would ask for an extension of hours, without providing a reason. The “circumstantial” evidence of Keller’s past work lends credence to the charges. If a judge lacks empathy due to certain mindsets based on pre-judgment, then perhaps that person shouldn’t be a judge at all. Anton Scalia comes to mind.

  3. Mike A.,

    That disbarment for Keller is just a matter of time. But then again, it is Texas so she might get promoted.

  4. Judge Keller’s response indicates that she has neither a worthy defense nor judicial integrity. She should be removed from the bench. Actually, she shouldn’t be permitted to practice law either, but that isn’t part of the current proceeding.

  5. “Keller has developed such a hostile reputation toward criminal defendants that she was known as “Killer Keller” by the bar.”


    Well now she’s lived up to the title. Speaking of officials behaving badly, I am intrigued by the case at the SCOTUS involving strip searching a female high student for an allegation she brought pain medication to school. She didn’t of course.


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