Suing Liberty: Michigan Woman Fined for Named Police Dog as Defendant in Lawsuit

clip_image002_000Now, here is a case showing the need to get one’s captioning right on civil complaints in Warren, Michigan. Inez M. Starks, 55, was given a fine for suing the police department over an alleged dog attack. Judge David Viviano (left) fined her $500 for actually naming the dog, Liberty, in the lawsuit. She was also given a $500 fine for failing to appear in court.

Starks sued the city of Warren and several police officers after a April 7, 2007 incident outside of her daughter’s home when she was allegedly bitten on the right buttock by Liberty. She claims the bite injured her sacroiliac nerve, impairing her ability to walk. The police insist that there is no proof of a bite.

Judge David Viviano ordered Starks to pay the $1,000 fine by April 13. I have the fine for failure to appear a bit more understandable than the fine for naming the dog if this is a pro se litigant. Usually, a court will cut a pro se litigant a bit of slack in such mistakes. This seems a bit harsh.

Besides, as John Adams said about liberty: “The jaws of power are always open to devour, and her arm is always stretched out, if possible, to destroy the freedom of thinking, speaking, and writing.” Ok, it might have been a different Liberty.

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4 thoughts on “Suing Liberty: Michigan Woman Fined for Named Police Dog as Defendant in Lawsuit”

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  2. Please Officer Liberty….be very careful who you aim your beautiful sharp teeth at. Warning: Not all humans & sub-humans are vaccinated. Like my dear neighbor next door, he still has not received his ugly vaccination as yet as he still looks like the classic cartoon character, Mister McGoo. I know you are the bravest k-9 Officer but you must take care of your health first so that you can continue to protect the decent citizens of the county of Macomb who rate you….. A plus for your public safety performance. Keep chewing those bones.

  3. Oh, leave the poor police dog alone, he (Officer of the Law) was just doing his job…… and a fine job at that ! Give the Off. a raise 1 !

  4. If you knew the Politics in Warren County Michigan you could understand how incredible idiotic this ruling is. Heck you can’t even name insurance companies in a law suit. Did I see some one say something about the “family” in a response? Well this is the family son, that did well. 130 Thousand a year plus benefits. Not a bad gig.

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