Lawyer Allegedly Murdered By Husband in Midst of High-Profile Murder Trial

artchiquitatatecnnLouisiana Attorney Chiquita Tate was in the midst of a high-profile murder trial when she became the subject of a new murder case against her husband, Greg Harris, accused of stabbing her 38 times in her office.

The couple had been married for just 14 1/2 months and Tate had started her own law firm in downtown Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Harris previously had a warrant issued for his arrest for using “force and violence” at their home against Tate from December 22, 2007.

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3 thoughts on “Lawyer Allegedly Murdered By Husband in Midst of High-Profile Murder Trial”

  1. He didnt do anything i know he didnt i know my dad some with person did it i was there i know becuse i was in the office with my step mom and my dad was necer there that day

  2. Quoted from the link:

    “While questioning Harris about Tate’s death, police discovered an outstanding warrant for him in connection with a battery-domestic violence case. It stemmed from a December 22, 2007, incident at the couple’s home.”

    1) Why did it take the police over 1 year after the battery to *discover* this warrant?

    2) When will women learn that once a magnitude of abuse involving battery/domestic violence occurs that a man will never change and an escalation of the violence is most likely?

    The loss of this beautiful, intelligent, and caring woman might have been prevented if the police had done their job by serving the initial warrant.

  3. Well Mr. Harris may be innocent but with statements like this from his lawyer, I have to doubt his skills as a consumer of legal services. From the article:

    “In a phone interview with CNN, Harris’ attorney, Lewis Unglesby, said police have the wrong man.

    “‘Greg Harris by all accounts … is innocent. I don’t know anybody that thinks he did it, except the police,’ Uglesby said.”

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