Rove Admits Involvement in Firing of Federal Prosecutors and Bush’s Likely Involvment

170px-karl_roveKarl Rove spoke to congressional investigators last week and reportedly admitted that he did play a role in the hiring and firing of federal prosecutors, including at least one of the nine U.S. Attorneys at the heart of the scandal.

Rove insisted that his role was minor but also stated that he believes that Bush knew of the intention to fire the U.S. Attorneys before they were terminated.

Emails previously showed that Rove was involved in the scandal, here.

The confirmed involvement of Rove — a political adviser — is further evidence of how Bush and his administration tore down the firewalls at the Justice Department to politicize the department and guarantee loyalty to Bush. The Administration then forced years of litigation and confrontations over getting this information.

Rove reportedly describes himself as “conduit” for political objections to these U.S. Attorneys from Republican members.

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  6. The Wategate break in occurred on June 17, 1972. Nixon resigned on August 9, 1974, more than two years later. The political process of dealing with malfeasance in Washington is a slow one and one usually fed by a steady drip of information, slowly building a case. While I realize that patience is a virtue seldom cultivated by the politically principled, perspective is necessary if one is to see the full picture. This situation is made more difficult by the guilty now being out of office and the fact that there were more principled Republicans (and Democrats)back then. That is made up for in the need of office holders to maintain their prerogatives. There will be investigations, prosecutions and penalties including prison handed out, though it may well take those same two years as in Watergate. If I am wrong, as usual I will admit it without reservations, I hope that those more skeptical might do the same if I am right.

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