D.C. Attorney General’s Declaration in Protest Case Challenged by Council Members and Lawyers

nickles2resizeThe controversy continues over the District’s alleged destruction of evidence and withholding of documents in the World Bank protest case. The case deals with the mass arrests conducted without probable cause during the World Bank/IMF protests of 2002. Under orders from Judge Sullivan, D.C. Attorney General Peter Nickles filed a declaration explaining his actions and that of his staff. It has now been challenged by members of the city council and the litigants.

I am lead counsel in the Chang case with Dan Schwartz of Bryan Cave Ltd. We have previously posted the sanctions motions and transcript. I am therefore limited in what I can say on the case. However, to reduce calls to the office, I am posting the latest filing.

Here is our response to the Nickles declaration, Response to Declarations

For the story, click here.

Here are the prior documents: 1st Notice; 2nd Notice; Sanctions Motion; Sanctions Reply; 072909-SULLIVAN

3 thoughts on “D.C. Attorney General’s Declaration in Protest Case Challenged by Council Members and Lawyers”

  1. A Prosecutor or Police Agency (LEO) withhold evidence? Never evah would evah happen. A Judge Sentence a person for gambling. Just pissed off that he had to interrupt his game to sentence the man. Yes, this did in fact happen.

  2. I just finished reading through the filings and most of the Washington City Paper news articles. I am saddened, by not really surprised, by the actions of the D.C. Attorney General’s personnel. I presently live in Bakersfield where the 1980’s child abuse trials were overturned because the District Attorney’s office abused the children to testify against their parents and other adults. The same District Attorney still proclaims their guilt. Their have been no sanctions against him.

    I see that in the 2008 CORRUPTION PERCEPTIONS INDEX of countries around the world that the USA is tied between number eighteen and twenty with Belgium and Japan. It would appear that the USA is rated way too high.

  3. Why should anyone believe there is such thing as a fair trial? Prosecuters and law enforcement can and do alter and/or disgard any evidence which does not support thier cause or case. Often even omiiting witnesses who do not support thier “facts”. It happens over and over and over. What does it take for the law to work for its citizens? We tried the ballot box and look at what we have, a President who refuses to investigate war crimes, provides amnesty to telecoms who violated the law and and a continuation of the same lack of adherence to the Consitution, the law and treaties which we have signed. The system does not work but for the rich and powerful.

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