24 thoughts on “Legal Question of the Day: Did He Win?”

  1. Jules,


    That was slimy.

    It also reaffirms the notion that I’ve never met a Floyd I liked other than Pink.

  2. Hey Jon, you going on fat boy Olbermann’s show tonight? I tell you, that Glenn Beck is cleaning house on liberals plus his ratings are higher than Olbermann, Maddow, and Schultz COMBINED!!!

  3. I found a copy of the “bike law” which applies:


    Like some congressional text, it does not say enough about the finish, focusing primarily on the start.

    Hmmmmmm …

    Anyway, he did not hit anyone and did not head back toward the starting line, so he did not commit a disqualifying act.

    This is too much like a lot of our law … wide open for the judges to render their opinion based on what they came to work with inside their own head.

  4. If this is like the NFL (break the plane of the goal while in possession of the ball), then it was a fumble into the end zone that he did not recover, and therefore he lost.

  5. I’d say he lost. When the bike crossed the line he wasn’t on it. I seem to recall that photo finishes look at the wheels of competitors, but only the wheels of bikes that still have riders.

    It’s the same in horse racing, though obviously it involves a nose and not a wheel.

    There’s such an incident here, from January.


  6. Buddha,

    Very interesting link. I can’t believe this is done in the name of security. I agree with you, I don’t have anything to hide either, but why are these records kept? Credit card number and expiration date?

    It’s like every American is in the process of being prosecuted by the state…they are just waiting to use all the “information” they have against you at some point in the future.

    Funny, I thought we were all on the same side — all Americans!

  7. First, on the race, I’d say no way. You have to cross the finish line in a “reasonable” manner – bike and rider unified, and proceeding a “generally recognized manner.” This clearly, was not.

    Second, Buddah, that link is unbelievable. I was talking to my wife the other night about how we are witnessing the fall of our country. The “goddamned piece of paper” that protects us all, is used as little more than a fancy coaster, pushed aside anytime the needs (or wants) of the state or corporate interests conflict with it.

  8. Note that the de-biked rider did not fully cross the line before the first bike plus rider did.

  9. I think we should call in John Wayne Bobbitt to make this call. It would seem that he is in a fetal position. Maybe Lorena could slice it and split the difference.

    Usually the Tire over would win.

  10. Off Topic, but HOLY CRAP!

    It’s the forward march of fascism . . .


    Welcome to the Death of America the Beautiful.

    Welcome to Amerika the Corporate.

    Listen up, SCOTUS. If you blatantly piss on civil rights and the voting process this way, America DESERVES to fail. And it’d be your direct fault if you give the corporations what they want. Look at how well they’ve already screwed up representation with the current election finance laws and K St. graft.

    And I’m looking your direction when I say that, Scalia.

    Some days it seems like you morons in government are actually trying to start a civil war. Well, trying to or not, keep going down the fascism path and you’ll eventually get one.

  11. Can we read the applicable statute before handing down an opinion? Is the rider required to cross the finish line on his bike, or at least, in possession of his bike?

    The rules probably say “the first rider to cross the finish line”. He was a rider at some point, but was not “a rider” when he crossed the finish line.

    I bet they granted him the win. Even though, technically, he might have lost.

  12. I think the ruling depends on how one interprets inertia as it relates to racing. The bike clearly passed before he did, but his forward momentum carried him across the line well before the next rider crossed. Tough call.

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