Judge Herman Thomas Acquitted

art.judgeIn a surprise verdict, a jury acquitted former judge Herman Thomas of sexual abuse, attempted sodomy, and assault related to allegations that he brought inmates to his chambers for sex and spankings. The judge insisted that he brought the men to his office to “mentor” them, but prosecutors put forward evidence of semen on the carpet and testimony of numerous former inmates that they had sex with him or allowed him to spank them for lenient treatment.

After being acquitted by the jury on major counts (but hanging on other counts), the trial judge directed a verdict on all counts in favor of Thomas.

This is a major victory for defense attorney Robert Clark who insisted that the judge was “trying to get them to do right, to be productive citizens.” Prosecutors put forward evidence that placed a different meaning on what Thomas thought was “getting them to do right” or be “productive.” However, some of their witnesses had to be dropped and one said that he was pressured to implicate the judge by his defense lawyer, here.

Thomas is now going to seek the reinstatement of his law license.

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  1. Here is an update.

    The Judge has been disbarred:

    “Former Judge Herman Thomas of Mobile County was disbarred Monday after a closed hearing, report the Associated Press, the Press Register and WKRG. Thomas is currently campaigning for state senator.

    “Tony McLain, general counsel of the Alabama State Bar, said there was evidence that Thomas paddled inmates and that he talked to inmates without attorneys present, the Press Register story says. According to McLain, Thomas testified that he did spank five young men for discipline, but none of them were criminal defendants in his courtroom.”

    Thomas’ lawyer, Robert “Cowboy Bob” Clark, said he plans to appeal.


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  5. Three jurors complained to the District Attorneys office this week that they didn’t vote “not guilty” in the Thomas case. Late Thursday afternoon, one juror contacted District Attorney John Tyson Jr. and said she didn’t want to be associated with the case anymore. Another says he doesn’t know how he voted and the third says he didn’t want to be the only juror involved in the dispute.

    The District Attorney’s office has decided not to file paperwork with an appellate court disputing the Thomas verdict.


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