Date and Switch? School Accused of Holding Fake Prom For Lesbian

Mississippi’s Itawamba Agricultural High School has been roundly condemned for canceling a school prom in order to avoid having lesbian student Constance McMillen appear in a tux with her girlfriend. Now, the school is accused of an astonishing act of duplicity to add to its earlier act of discrimination. McMillen says that she was invited to a prom arranged with officials off school grounds only to find it was just her and seven other revelers, including two learning disabled students. She later says that she learned that the rest of the student body was attending the real prom across town with the knowledge of school officials.

McMillen claims “They had two proms and I was only invited to one of them … everyone went to the other one I wasn’t invited to.”

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  1. Buddha Is Laughing

    I hear next year they plan to have the alternative prom in an oven.


    Oh, my good god … the picture your words brought forth in my mind was awful … yet, somehow, perfectly descriptive of the people who sanctioned this Prom of Humiliation.

    Very, very well done. (no pun intended)

  2. I hear next year they plan to have the alternative prom in an oven.

  3. The legal remedy here is to haul everyone back into court for a contempt hearing. There should be a liberal sprinkling of fines and humiliation.

    There is no remedy on a moral level, however. The adults who arranged and sponsored this debacle have succeeded only in teaching their kids that gay people and persons with disabilities are not entitled to the rights enjoyed by everyone else and that lies and deception are appropriate vehicles for avoiding responsibility. Their response, of course, would likely be feigned outrage and insistence that they were motivated solely by the desire to, paraphrasing Sarah Palin, “take our school back.”

  4. “Mission Statement – Itawamba Agricultural High School

    The mission of IAHS is to involve school, families, and community in enabling students to be responsible and productive citizens of an ever changing world by providing academic and technological programs in a learning environment that is safe, orderly, empowering, and challenging.” … (And to practice segregation of learning disabled students, lesbians and others)


    According to the last census, a whopping 5% of the residents in Itawamba County, Mississippi had a Bachelor’s degree while 33.8% had less than a High School education. (No facts are available as to which group composes the majority of their School Board members.)

  5. Sally,

    While we’re at it, those other seven kids shouldn’t have been different from the student body either.

    How dare they not only expect to be treated like everyone else, but not lied to by school officials. Truly, they are the ones who deserve all the blame.

  6. ” …Millen says that she was invited to a prom arranged with officials off school grounds only to find it was just her and seven other revelers, including two learning disabled students.”


    One stares in revulsed amazement about the decision making process that went into the inviting the two “learning disabled” children to the “alternate prom.” I think I hear the Dept. of Education calling and asking about discrimination in providing a public education to these kids as well –including the extracurriculars.

  7. I am so glad I don’t live in Mississippi – it really must suck to be an back-assward bohunk.

  8. look at this — the secret prom had props at it that said “Masquerade” — its turns out that this was the SAME THEME as the original school prom that was “cancelled” – they simply took the stuff for their “private” prom so they could exclude constance. via facebook :


  9. I have a hard time believing that the entire school kept the actual prom location a secret from her.

    She had a support page on facebook and classmates that didn’t care if she went to prom with her girlfriend. Someone would have let it slip as to what was going on. In fact, it states that she knew in the article link; So she should have shown up, she would have had support.

    She should have kept her mouth shut about bringing a same sex date and just shown up with her. Don’t ask for permission, just do what you want. And maybe sport a dress that looks like a tux.

    I’m from Georgia and I went to my junior prom (prom is lame anyways) and there was a gay male couple that showed up. Both wore tuxes though. No one cared. No one is allowed to kiss or make out and teachers make sure no one is dancing like a drunk stripper on amatuer night.

    It was a school rule that girls had to wear dresses and boys tuxes, because the year before that, a group of guys showed up in dresses as a joke. Not a pretty sight.

  10. Kudos to Constance McMillen she is a beautiful brave human being.

    Mississippi’s Itawamba Agricultural High School has one very sick school system and community.

    I hope the ACLU takes this back to court, if school officials in addition to the deliberate targeting of Ms. McMillen, also knowingly conspired to exclude disabled and special education students they are due for a world of hurt.

    Considering how half-baked former Alaskan gov Sarah Palin reacts to all “slights” of children with special needs, I’m guessing it won’t be long, until we hear her strongly worded(and for once appropriate) condemnation.

    Yea, I won’t hold my breath!

  11. Maa(etc.)!,

    I wonder what sin the other five people committed to be included in that group. Maybe they were foreigners, or even atheists.

  12. Bryon,

    I can’t put my finger on it but, thats another story.

  13. Half the town are now probably patting themselves on the back for putting one over on the dyke. Oh, how clever they all were saying she could come to the ball and then sending her and all the other retards/misfits to another one.

    What a bunch of sneeks and cowards!

  14. Did anyone else notice this little gem “it was just her and seven other revelers, including two learning disabled students. ”

    That’s right, they lied to the learning disabled.

  15. Dear humanity,

    Lesbians and gays are in fact part of you. You may want to consider revoking the membership of the school officials in the story.

  16. One word for the town officials.


    That’d by ya’ll I’m a talkin’ about, ya necks.

    Have a nice day.

  17. May the entire town get their just deserts … for years, and years, and years.

    Let’s see … wasn’t Jefferson Davis a native of Mississippi and wasn’t the majority of the population of Mississippi enslaved humans when they joined South Carolina as the second state to secede from the United States of America and didn’t the citizens of Mississippi proclaim to all the world that their reason for leaving the Union was ” … our position is thoroughly identified with the institution of slavery–the greatest material interest of the world”.

    Yeah … those are the ancestors who spawned this present group of barn-babies. Just deserts.

  18. Seem like she was licked on this one.

    Very funny AY on a story about a lesbian. Reminds me of a poster who likes purdy little mouths. Sound familiar?

  19. Seem like she was licked on this one. Or was she? I wonder what the ACLU will find for her. It seems that the ISD has a problem now.

    It is not good to have Irish people mad at you especially angry Irish Women regardless if Lesbian or not…..Oy…..

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