Beach Sign: Walk Do Not Run On The Water

Once I saw this sign on Reddit, I was not sure if it was meant to ask people to remain on the surface of the water or to beware of Jesuses.

This sign presumably originated with the lifeguards at Sea of Galilee. It is missing the advice however . . . “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.”

The city might want to combine this sign with the earlier sign that appeared to tell people to laugh out loud at drowning victims, here.

12 thoughts on “Beach Sign: Walk Do Not Run On The Water”

  1. I did see a Mythbusters episode where they skipped a car over a 100 ft. pool.

  2. I think it’s a sign indicating that there is a sudden drop in the footing beneath the surface … for anyone wading out a bit only to suddenly discover that they had better know how to swim.

    Or it’s a reference to Peter Sellers in “Being There”.

    I saw that video of the ‘water-running’ guys a couple of days ago. Hilarious! Complete hogwash (I think they are running on exactly what the sign depicts) but still amusing.

    “Land, land, land, drop-off!”

    I like how they suggest the “special running shoes” (product plug?)

  3. [youtube=]

    You must run very fast.

  4. Here’s a basilisk–aka Jesus Christ lizard–walking on water:

  5. They are looking out for the public,you don’t want to get run over by these guys:

  6. I think it’s a Jesus crossing sign. Either that or an invitation to try and ice skate barefoot on the water…

  7. roflol

    Must. Have. Sign.

    That’s a real conversation starter there.

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