Scientists moved closer this week to finding possible life on Titan, Saturn’s biggest moon. Scientists also believe that Titan could become a “paradise” in just four billion years. The downside is that the triggering event will be the Sun swelling into a Red Giant and swallowing the Earth. I suppose the lesson is “Red Giants Bring Titans.”

Scientists are intrigued by the possibility that alien life could be feeding on hydrogen that descends from Titan’s atmosphere as well as the chemical acetylene. This could confirm a methane-based life form (though we will have to get our mind around microscopic Titans)

Scientists believe Titan resembles early Earth and with a little heat could become a nice vacation spot. Professor John Zarnecki observed “[w]e believe the chemistry is there for life to form. It just needs heat and warmth to kick-start the process. In four billion years time, when the sun swells into a red giant, it could be paradise on Titan.” Location, location, location.

It is not clear if Liam Neeson is ready to adapt to the methane-based existence just yet, but he did well in his previous Titanic incarnation:

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    Note to clarify the title of the Worst Case Scenario Plan for MC426 differing in name from the popular designation “Deepwater Horizon/Transocean well” :

    The 2009 report gives a number of worst case scenario reports by location. Block 462 wells are referenced at pg 509-511. The title MC462 corresponds to the facility location designation which is an MMS designation. The “Initial Exploration Plan” (a separate document) states that drilling is to be completed on 15 May, 2010. MC462, it was testified during Senate Committee hearings, was added to the original drilling request for two other wells and that explains apparent inconsistencies and/or omissions in the original request regarding the names and apparent number of wells specified in the original request.

    The drilling ship Deepwater Horizon was a ship and was used to drill many wells. The proper designation for the well being drilled was actually MC462. The initial exploration plan is the plan discussed on various blogs and in the media which indicates that BP asserts it can handle any worst case scenario or accident associated with the proposed drilling. That report is at:

  2. Really long and off topic. I posted this elsewhere but perhaps of interest to folks with a legal turn of mind. There are two links so Ill divide it into two postings.


    BoingBoing has a link to where you can read a good analysis of the 2009 “BP Regional Oil Spill Response Plan – Gulf of Mexico” as well as a direct link to the 550+ page plan. It is worth the download (20Megs) as is another document, the “Initial Exploration Plan” BP submitted to the Minerals Management Service, I will provide that link also in a separate posting to avoid having my posting bounced for multiple links. The link to the assessment of the plan by Karen Dalton Beninato is a good read also. BoingBoing article with link to Beninato article and the BP Plan:

    I have spent some good length of time looking through it and it’s fascinating. There was no actual plan and many crucial predictions about the magnitude of the adverse effects of an accident were way too optimistic and their assurances that they could control and contain things no more e than wishful thinking.

    The ROSRPGoM is a matrix of objectives, responsibilities and methods and requirements to be used in the future for the formulation of a specific plan when needed. If you are familiar with this kind of plan, or planning requirement overview, you can find some really interesting and useful info.

    You have lists of responsible managers and planning forms they are charged with filling out with the plan they formulate and assessments they make. A legally interested party, like Congress or a lawyer, can use this knowledge to subpoena relevant documents to see if the proper notifications were made in a timely manner, a plan was formulated that addressed already anticipated impacts (a separate section), who was directed to do what, if in fact the emergency equipment stated as available (a separate section) was present, if all due care for clean-up workers in the face of known acute hazards was in fact taken, (Hell no they weren’t- food poisoning my ass) etc. etc.

    Pages of note,

    97 – 99 Actions to take in the event of a spill or accident and objectives both strategic and tactical.
    100 -101 Response plan and personnel assignment forms (to be formulated in response to an accident, what will be done and who is assigned to do it.)
    111 – Incident management team members by name and phone #’s.
    224, 227, 229, 233 – Parks and refuges information on environmental impact statements.
    243 – Resource identification section starts (“Resource(s)” are the environment and the things living in it; includes resource sensitivity assessments.
    338 – 357 Material Safety Data Sheets – Corexit 9527 (the dispersant being used).
    348 – Material Safety Data Sheet – Corexit 9527 hazard assessment to humans assessment:: “acute”.
    509 – 511 Worst case discharge scenario. Opening paragraph:

    “[Section] D. Worst Case Discharge scenario for Exploratory Well from Offshore Drilling

    1) Worst Case Summary
    BP has determined that its worst case scenario for discharge from a mobile drilling rig operation would occur from the Mississippi Canyon 462 lease. MC 462 is a planned exploration well targeted for Miocene oil reservoirs. Given the anticipated
    reservoir thickness and historical productivity index for the Miocene, worst case discharge is expected to be 250,000 barrels of crude oil per day. Calculations are based on formulas defined by MMS regulations. The oil has an estimated API gravity
    of 26°.”

    That was up to “250,000 BARRELS OF OIL PER DAY” expected. If you’re the praying type start praying that no one does anything stupid like nuking the well and opening fissures in the reservoir.

  3. has bank of america started mortage lending for titan yet. I’m sure AIG will back the loan.

  4. Four billion years until the sun starts shedding its corona/ Whew, that means there’s still time for truly intelligent life to evolve on our planet. I’m hopeful it will still happen.

    The world is full of alien life just as deadly and bizarre as the movie “Alien”. While I look forward to finding life on other planets and moons I give the chances of it being non-lethal to be 50% at best. It’s not the big stuff that will get us, it’s those little buggers that we won’t have a chance against:


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