Video: Kalamazoo Student Naps Through President’s Graduation Speech

President Obama’s graduation speech at Kalamazoo Central High School appears to have produced more hibernation than inspiration in one student. Take a look at the kid on the upper row.

Who needs whale music when you have the President of the United States to lull you into a deep sleep?

The speech appears to work as both a sedative and stimulant on people. During the same speech, a man in the audience had a heart attack listening to the speech and had to be taken to a hospital.

10 thoughts on “Video: Kalamazoo Student Naps Through President’s Graduation Speech”

  1. Ah, high school. When I was a senior we had better things to do with our lives than sleep when we were supposed to. We slept in class, we slept in assemblies, we slept at lunch, we slept in church. I think half my class slept through the graduation speeches, and that wouldn’t have changed if the president had been the main speaker. Of course Johnson was president when I graduated, so he might have shaken us up a bit.

  2. Gyges:

    Thanks for the education. I didn’t know whales (and their admirers) have such rhythm.

  3. Ah-hem, is this the proper protocol for sleeping presidents, as well?

  4. Yeah, let’s keep focussed on the ONE yawning student and ignore the President’s message to the rest of those kids. He was reminding them they could have not applied for this excellence in education contest—which they won and which brought him to their school. He was encouraging them to strive, to work hard for what they want, to not be held back by their surroundings, negative messages in society, peers and even parents.

  5. A nap and cardiac inducing speech from the alleged Constitutional scholar who doesn’t recognize plain faced treason when he sees it is most apt. Is this what happens when you talk out of both sides of your mouth?

  6. Mespo,

    A lot of people recommend whale music as a way to lull yourself to sleep. Sometimes it’s just the wale’s singing, sometimes it has a backing track.

    Or maybe he’s talking about this:


    Sorry, it was the only whale related song I could think of.

  7. Monday, Monday
    Can’t trust that day
    Monday, Monday
    Sometimes it just turns out that way

    Most K C senior’s parties were probably held the previous weekend. Just sayin’.

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