Firefighters Suspended For Performing Emergency Resuscitation on St. Pauli Girl

In British Columbia, firefighters bravely saved a half-dozen victims in a blaze and were suspended for performing emergency resuscitation. Canadian Mounties are investigating the firefighters, who pulled kegs of beer from a burning hotel and then tapped a couple of the kegs in celebration.

Ok, I don’t know if they were kegs of St. Pauli Girl, but the idea of multiple Canadian firefighters doing mouth to mouth with a Moosehead is too disturbing.

Mayor Pat Hampson is shocked and saddened by the actions of the firefighters.

The mounties are considering theft charges and the firefighters have paid the hotel owners for the kegs.

If these men were true professionals, they would wait for a pot house to burn down and bring snacks:

Source: here.In British

5 thoughts on “Firefighters Suspended For Performing Emergency Resuscitation on St. Pauli Girl”

  1. I distinctly recall my partners in San Diego & I rescuing Rudolph the Reindeer once. It was the week before Christmas & a rather intoxicated fellow ran his car up onto the lawn of a church and int an entire herd of well-lit reindeer surrounding Santa & his sleigh.

    We scooped up our “non-responsive” victim; plugged in a fake IV line; hooked him up to our EKG; splinted his broken ear; put him on oxygen by mask & hauled him efficiently away to Mercy Hospital trauma center in Mission Valley, radio report to the ER and all.

    Everybody who greeted us at the door thought it was hilarious that night – well, all except the ER director, Thomas Kravis, MD, a fellow who was wound pretty tight to begin with.

    Moral of the story? That’s what happens when base station physician committees come up with hare-brained protocols like, “Somebody made a mistake once, so now, ALL auto vs pedestrians get transported.”

    Well, Doc. Here’s your patient, and have a very, merry Christmas.

  2. Buddha,

    It appears that they went to the Dick Cheney School of Hunting.

  3. A fireman’s gotta do what a fireman can do, I hope they saved the lot.

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