Evil Clown: Mexican Clown Arrested For Allegedly Assaulting Stepdaughter

If you (like me) had a certain fear of clowns as a kid, Pedro Artega Velazquez, 53, should re-ignite those fears. In the world’s most creepy mug shot, Velazquez is shown after his arrest for allegedly assaulting his teenage stepdaughter.

Since the purpose of a mug shot is to get a good likeness of the subject, police will usually have the arrestee remove such make up. One can only imagine the line up of clowns for the victim identification.

Source: El Paso Times

6 thoughts on “Evil Clown: Mexican Clown Arrested For Allegedly Assaulting Stepdaughter”

  1. We must stop the evil Mexican clowns before they take jobs from evil white American clowns. Please alert John McCain and Governor Brewer! Also awesome mugshot also.

  2. The only clown that’s not totally evil is Krusty.

    Oh wait!

    I forgot about his endless lines of child endangering products.


    All clowns are evil. Krusty is the only one that’s funny.

    Yeah. That’s much better.

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