Oakland Police Announce They Will Not Respond To Burglary, Grand Theft, and Other Crimes

Oakland’s police chief Anthony Batts has announced that Oakland Police will not responded to 44 different crimes if planned layoffs occur at midnight. It was useful for Batts to announce the categories in advance for criminals to chose from a criminal dim sum list of free crimes including grand theft, burglary, vehicle collision, identity theft and vandalism.

If you are the victim of burglary, you will be told to make a report online and not to expect police to respond.

Here the list of free crimes in Oakland:

grand theft
grand theft:dog
identity theft
false information to peace officer
required to register as sex or arson offender
dump waste or offensive matter
discard appliance with lock
loud music
possess forged notes
pass fictitious check
obtain money by false voucher
fraudulent use of access cards
stolen license plate
embezzlement by an employee (over $ 400)
attempted extortion
false personification of other
injure telephone/ power line
interfere with power line
unauthorized cable tv connection
administer/expose poison to another’s

That allows ample room for most criminals to plan a life of crime without the risk of police interference.

This is the response to the planned layoff of 80 officers. That is roughly one-tenth of the force. As we continue to gush billions in Afghanistan and Iraq, our cities are returning to a state of nature. According to the city of Oakland, each of the 776 police officers currently employed at OPD costs around $188,000 per year. The city council asked OPD officers to pay nine percent of their salary toward their pensions. However, the union would only agree if the city promised no layoffs. The city refused.

Source: NBC.

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