Philadelphia Officers Arrested in Drug Conspiracy

Three Philadelphia police officers have been arrested in an ambitious alleged conspiracy to steal 300 grams of heroin from an alleged drug supplier and then sell the drugs to another drug dealer. The problem is that the second dealer was a DEA agent as was the money launderer. Arrested are officers Robert Snyder, 30 (shown left); Mark Williams, 27; and James Venziale, 32.

In statements which may find themselves in a defense motion for a venue change, Philadelphia Mayor Nutter stated “I’m personally pissed off about this kind of behavior . . . We do not employ criminals. That’s what they are. That’s how they will be treated.”

Venziale allegedly came up with the scheme after meeting reputed drug dealer Angel “Fat Boy” Ortiz. They targeted Miguel Santiago and arranged with the undercover agent to sell the drugs and launder the money. The officers allegedly also conspired with reputed drug dealer, Zachary Young. The officer were to stop Santaigo’s car to make it seem that the drugs were seized by law enforcement. plan called for officers to perform a staged vehicle stop to make it appear to Santiago that the drugs were seized by law enforcement, the indictment states

On May 14, Williams and Venziale stopped a car occupied by Ortiz and the undercover agent. They handcuffed Ortiz and allowed the other man to drive off with 299 grams of heroin. Williams and Venziale then drove Ortiz in their cruiser to another location and released him. Ortiz later allegedly paid the officers $6,000. He also allegedly paid Christal Snyder an unknown amount of cash.

Source: Philly.

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  1. I know of a certain police department that I heard sells drug evidence. In that city, the city council president was convicted of conspiracy to sell hashish but that was kept secret for years. I heard he was dealing before that came out. He was my neighbor. He had a shed that was near my house right across from my living room window. People would visit the shed. People I didn’t know would come up to me on the street and ask if I knew he was a dealer. Twice, I wrote to the police and told them that and in the letter I said that if they called me I would tell them what I knew and give them names but they never called. I asked the city council if they knew if the city council president was a drug dealer but they said the police said no he had no record. But later I found he had a NCIC record and the city attorney knew that. Then he ran for office again and that is when he admitted his record in response to a question from the audience.

    Someone else I met from the same area said that she had called the police and told them that he was dealing but they said they couldn’t do anything about it.

    I met someone later somewhere else who had graduated from a police academy and I told them that. Later he told me that his former classmate told him he got a job with the same police department but he quit because he found out it was dirty.

  2. Jill

    That was an hilarious story you told yesterday. It’s always nice to see a woman of principle kicking ass and taking names! Good show!!


    Whew … finally found it … I saw your post to me on another thread referring to this one … thanked you there but wanted to find the right place …

    Thank you, my dear … I am soooo glad you’re back!


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