Scariest Mug Shot Ever

It may be hard to believe but this man — Jesse Thornhill, 28 — had trouble with his landlord. Thornhill was arrested after allegedly trying to run over his landlord.

His mother simply observed that the landlord “had been having problems with her son.” That is hard to imagine.

Thornhill is being held on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon. The deadly weapon was a ’96 Ford Windstar van. It seems a bit incongruous to go through all this trouble to look really scary and then drive around in a Windstar van with soccer Moms and cub scout den leaders.

Source: Newson6

14 thoughts on “Scariest Mug Shot Ever”

  1. A simple case of self injurious behaviour. Ten years of intense therapy and a REAL plastic surgeon may help this man considerably!

  2. i was going to say maybe breach of contract, but the windstar van just makes it sorta pathetic.

  3. What is wrong with this creature? He looks like something out of Star Trek. He isn’t a Trekkie gone mad is he?

  4. that fella will be someone’s nanny goat in prison

    had enough goat boy?


  5. How would you like to be sitting across the desk from this guy interviewing him on his job application at the day care center?

    He could actually become a very successful criminal, you’d never be able to charge him and take him to trial, where would you find a jury of his peers?

  6. “Was there any psychological screening?”

    My English are abandoning with me today.

  7. “AAAAHHHHH!! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!!!!”


    this is an excellent example of self-mutilation

    I’ve seen 1 or 2 examples where the behaviour is an almost healthy way to cover scars or deformities in a creative manner but this?….coupled with aggressions?…..not a happy soul…

  8. What I want to know is this:

    What kind of doctor would add the horns?

    Was their any psychological screening done?

    How does one find a surgeon willing to do this as “horn implants” are not a specialty listed in the phone book?

    What kind of contorted waiver was signed?

    If this guy has a girlfriend? If so, does he or can he claim to not be horny?

  9. And his Mother is defending a Muther. Makes sence….NOT……

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