Officer Resigns After Visit To “Bridget the Midget”

Stoughton (Mass.) police officer Richard P. Bennett, 28, got into big trouble after he decided he had to see “The World’s Smallest Porn Star” while on duty. Bennett stopped by Alex’s Gentleman’s Club to watch “Bridget the Midget” Powers, a 3-feet nine-inch tall stripper/porn star. He has now resigned from the force.

Bennett compounded his problems by arranging to take photographs in uniform with Bridget outside of the club. He was also found to have an unapproved laser scope installed on his department-issued .40-caliber Glock and is accused of denying that violation.

It is an unfortunate end of a career since Bennett had just been recognized for his help in capturing an accused killer.

This is becoming something of a pattern. We have seen other officers disciplined for pictures at places like Twin Peaks and Hooters.

Source: Boston Herald

8 thoughts on “Officer Resigns After Visit To “Bridget the Midget””

  1. Police abuse goes unpunished, but this guy loses his job over this??

    Not saying he shouldn’t have been punished at all, but cops across the whole country have been abusing citizens and come up with less punishment than this.

  2. Does she do joint appearances with Chuy (sp?), the former porn star / assistant to Chelsea Handler?

  3. Elaine,

    I think the preferred term is “little story”, but then again that may just be political correctness run amok. 😉

  4. I do not believe that this woman is a porn star and demand to see evidence! Lots of evidence. Ahem.

  5. The accommodation was a pleasureful evening with Bridge Midge. Maybe this was some sensitivity training……

  6. Prof. T.

    I think you mean he was given a commendation not an accomodation, though that may have been the case here.

    1. Buckeye: Right you are. Receiving an “accommodation” changes the whole meaning of the story.

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