YouTube Hit: Weiner Confronts GOP on Health Care

The House floor was the scene of some heated exchanges after Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) took the floor to address the 9/11 Health and Compensation Act.

While this is merely a heated and not offensive exchange. It is representative of the diminishing level of discourse in Congress on both sides. Congress is becoming the WWF without the folding chairs and pile drivers.

147 thoughts on “YouTube Hit: Weiner Confronts GOP on Health Care”

  1. lottakatz:

    I am not a small government advocate; I’m a limited government advocate.

    Charity will have to do. And we know that it will work because leftists (democrats) are so darn rich.

    Charity does not work only in direct relation to the unwillingness of democrats to unclench their greedy little hands.

    I’m thinking of Bill Gates Why doesn’t he let his money go now to help others? Are people going to postpone their suffering? How about Warren Buffet? And George Soros? Teresa Kerry? Steven Spielberg. What are these people doing? Giving most to the needy or sitting on most of it?

    Dems spent 1 billion electing one fool Harvard lawyer schmuck to the presidency. He could have taken government funding and evil democrats could have donated that billion to the poor.

    Please, when democrats stop throwing their money away and start spending it on the poor and disadvantaged, THEN we can have a conversation about your desire to do “charity” by gun-point.

    Otherwise known as stealing.

    You ought to do all you can for those in need and learn to accept what you cannot change. Or else you will become a menace to the human race.

  2. mespo:

    The most dangerous job in America belongs to lumberjacks. I’m sure you owe more to them then you do firemen and cops who come begging for money when they suffer from dangers they were willing to risk because they will live high off the hog in retirement.

    Yet, I don’t see you wringing your hands for the lumberjacks. They suffer and die more than cops. And yet they provide you with a world full of comforts that keep you alive and well.

    A person can live all of their life and may never need a cop or fireman. Just about everyone needs a lumberjack.

    So say a little prayer for the true heroes among us: the lumberjacks.

  3. Buddha:

    well that is not what I mean. I am trying to explain why boards of directors pay those high salaries, they think their man/woman is the only one who can lead the company. I am merely equating the method of selling ones self to the boards of directors/electorate.

    Personally I thought he was as well which is why I used him as my example. But share holders/boards of directors buy that hype.

  4. Regardless, I need to continue this tomorrow, B.

    I’ve had a very long, hot day and I hear some pillows calling my name ever so gently.

  5. So Eisner is a genius because some people bought the PR lie that he was a genius?

    Wrong answer. He was still an overpaid half-wit to those of us paying attention.

    And I told you not to bring pols into this. It’s apples and oranges as far as crimes go.

  6. Byron,

    But what you just advocated was fraud without consequence.

    “Because they talk a good game” is a rationale that would let grifters and small time con men loose just as well as smooth talking CEO’s. Just because they stole big they should get a pass because people are stupid?

    Because that is what you were saying.

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