“Beauty Bandit” Faces Justice in Alleged Botox Thefts in Florida

The so-called Beauty Bandit” has been arrested in South Florida. Maria Elizabeth Chrysson, 29, has been accused of stealing Botox and other cosmetic treatments.

She is not going to be pleased with the mug shot.

She is now facing three counts of grand theft. One doctor, Dr. Michael Hall claimed Chrysson bounced a check for more than $1,000 worth of Botox and face rejuvenation treatments. Two other doctors are claiming the theft of more than $3,300 worth of Botox.

The vanity felony seems to be on the rise. Notably, even ministers have been accused of turning to crime for Botox fixes.

Source: MSNBC

10 thoughts on ““Beauty Bandit” Faces Justice in Alleged Botox Thefts in Florida”

  1. Kaz, A smile would help, a smile makes everyone look better. If she could smile…

  2. Not wishing to be rude, but here I go anyway, if she’s been stealing all of these beauty treatments, shouldn’t she look better than that. She is what we in England would call “a minger”.

  3. When beauty products are outlawed (or rationed by excessive cost) only outlaws will have beauty products…

    It’s lunchtime here and I’m going to have some pie, have a nice lunch ladies.

  4. That is funny lottakatz. She’s only 29 and already has a botox and maybe a little collagen and juvaderm addiction.

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