Naughty Bodies: Stripper Charged After Customer Found Under Car

Kristina Hensley, a exotic dancer with Naughty Bodies, has been arrested after a client was found under her car in Ohio.

Hensley had gone to the residence of Jae Cho for a private show on August 7th. She reportedly decided to leave when Cho allegedly confronted her and stood in front of her Ford Explorer. One account says that she hit him to get away. She eventually pulled away and says that she discovered Cho under her car when she stopped at a gas station.

Thus far, she has only been charged with leaving the scene of an accident.

Source: CNN

24 thoughts on “Naughty Bodies: Stripper Charged After Customer Found Under Car”

  1. she was in the show and had to leave cu he was touching her and wouldnt stop, then hetried to stop her. he told her her was gonna cut her breaklines and was beating on her car. she was laying on her horn and no neighbors helped. she didtn know he was under her car til she pulled in for help at the gas station and told the attendant to call 911. they keep telling what a nice guy he was. really trampling her into the ground. yeah she is a stripper, but that doesnt give him the right its a tragedy all around. she nor he deserves this. she has children seperated from their mother. no matter what people say about her, not one person has said that she is a bad mother

  2. ghub,

    Let this freak go to Canada and pull this shit. He would be in the Detroit River so quick that you’d have thought it was a cannon ball. It is legal and they are taken good care of by the police and employers.

  3. Looks like self-defense. Looks like Cho wanted to try something she was not interested in so she left. Its his fault that he failed to recognize and yield to the self-defense weapon she was driving. Just cuz she’s a stripper doesn’t mean she can’t also be raped and victimized.

  4. Blouise
    1, August 11, 2010 at 9:08 am
    Was the victim extraordinarily small? I’m wondering how she could get that far without noticing.

    turn up the radio

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